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Top 10 Online Video Platforms & Live Streaming Solutions

$734.6 million! That is the estimated worth of the global online video platform market by 2019. With a whopping CAGR rate of 14% to 15%, the advertising industry is growing with leaps and bounds as advertisers are looking upon video sharing websites as the first source for promoting brand awareness and customer engagement.

However, there are inherent limitations existing in the online video platform market. Take for instance, the meagre number of open-source video platforms that small and medium sized enterprises can use without breaking their banks. Moreover, there are very few of them which can provide a reliable, secure, flexible and equally scalable video sharing solution.

We have shortlisted the top 10 online video platforms available in the market today that seem to be worth every grain of salt. They are the cream of the open-source video platforms available in the market today and are worth considering if you are planning to open a video sharing website in the near future.

1.) Contus Vplay:

Contus Vplay enables literally anybody to create online video platform of their own without breaking a sweat. As a cloud based video platform provider, it is enabled with impenetrable encryption techniques that prevents third party hackers from tampering the content. Contus Vplay also makes video monetization easier by integrating revenue channels like online TV subscription, advertising, purchasable assets, etc. Other notable features include live streaming, OTT Tv, branding, custom attributes, etc.

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2.) Brightcove:

Brightcove offers high-end video content platform customization options for users. Videos hosted using the video can be branded for customer engagement and brand recognition. Further, the videos can also be streamed to mobile and other portable devices using cloud technology making it a top of the charts online video platforms in the market today.

3.) Kaltura:

Any business, any experience, any device. As it taglines goes, Kaltura is an online video platforms that plans to take the market opportunity posed by educational institutions, entertainment businesses and internet service providers. Kaltura’s solution can be served in a plethora of online distribution channels like PCs, smartphones of diverse mobile operating systems and television networks.

4.) Ooyala:

Originally an analytics based firm, Ooyala’s current focus seems to be ‘Deliver content that connects’. The cloud based online video platform targets print publishers and broadcasting businesses that are trying to monetize out of interactive content. Ooyala also spares users from the trouble of investing heavy working capital in buying transcoding engines, ad servers, analytics, etc.


5.) Wistia:

Wistia is a free video marketing platform that targets business users directly. The platform comes with impressive customizations for video player, video SEO, ad-free videos, lead generation forms, white labelling for user created videos, etc. Wistia claims to derive value for businesses by combining video content hosting with video analytics and marketing tools. Value for money tool confirm users.

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6.) thePlatform:

thePlatform is a versatile video publishing and management solution that helps media companies to control their video content publishing across multiple channels. It acts as a central hub from where all the video streaming processes can be monitored effortlessly. thePlatform claims it has superior service-oriented architecture that is easily scalable without compromising on the reliability.

7.) Vidcaster:

Similar to most popular online video platform providers, Vidcaster helps businesses decode their video content metrics into valuable user behavior insights. The video platform provider assures video asset management through market research based on users and employee behaviour. Vidcaster was recently acquired by Vidlet.

8.) Arkena:

The online video platform provider that is Arkena delivers content across a multitude of channels that includes all known mediums like television, personal computers and mobile devices. The target customers of Arkena include media houses, corporations and TV channel operators. Arkena is based on cloud technology and can be rated as a CDN that is appropriate for audiovisual industry.

9.) tv:

‘A cross-device online video platform and player.’ That’s what Brid.Tv calls itself. Brid.Tv enables customers to create online video platform that is robust with features including monetization plans, video asset management, social interaction, analytic reports, intelligent site skinning, etc. Hosting and encoding for is done by Amazon Web services and respectively.

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10.) Kaemo:

Kaemo is a VOD (Video on demand) solution. It is compatible with all device of varying screen sizes, is highly customizable and like most online video platform providers is based on cloud platform. It’s stand-apart features include digital catalog, secured payment gateways for monetization, subscription plans, etc.

Final Verdict:

The above top 10 online video platform providers have set the benchmark for the entire industry with their stellar products. They have set the tone for the future of digital entertainment with cloud based video streaming across all devices. Which is your pick to create an online video platform of your own?

Alex SamAbout the Author:Alex Sam is a digital marketing professional. His interests include SEO, SMO and content based marketing. He spends most of his time reading and analyzing about latest happenings in technology and how it fits into daily lives.

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