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6 Signs You Aren’t Investing Enough In Communication

There are an endless number of factors that drive the success of your company. Having enough inventory in stock to account for consumer demand is a must. You have to take time to budget your money to ensure that employees are paid, you have enough physical space, and that there’s overhead for unforeseen costs.

One part of owning a business that sometimes takes the backburner is communication. From answering phone calls and emails from customers to ensuring that you create a culture of collaboration in the workplace, communication can truly make or break a business.

Here are 6 signs that you aren’t investing enough in communication.

1.) Customers Are Unhappy:

A telltale sign that you aren’t investing enough in communication is when you start to hear complaints and concerns from customers. When a customer needs to get in touch with your company, they shouldn’t have to face long phone queues, unhelpful prompts, and pre-recorded messages that are more frustrating than they are useful.

When customers are unhappy with the communication lines that your business has in place, there’s a high risk that these clients will go elsewhere. Customer service and customer satisfaction come from having consistent and reliable communication that allows customers to have their problems heard and resolved in a timely manner.

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2.) Scalability Doesn’t Exist:

Antiquated communication systems weren’t designed with scalability in mind. As your business grows, your technology, including your communication system, must grow with it. Dated phone systems require new phone lines and sometimes new ports in order to meet growing needs.

But, by switching to a business VOIP service, you can enjoy a robust, scalable, and reliable system that makes communication a breeze. As your business grows or works its way through peak season, you don’t have to worry about dropped calls, long queues, and waiting weeks to have a new line added to the system.

3.) Your Phone Lines Are Always Busy:

As a customer, you know there’s nothing more aggravating than calling a company, only to hear a busy tone on the other line. While busy signals once had their place, in today’s world, upgrading your communication system can ensure that this is a sound customers never have to hear again.

With an upgraded system, you can ensure you never miss a call because of overloaded phone lines. With a VOIP phone system, you can utilize call group. This is the ideal feature for customer service, sales, and technical support teams who often have back-to-back phone calls. With call group incoming calls can be directed to a set list of extensions. From there you can set calls to ring simultaneously or in sequence.


4.) There’s No Integration:

Can your communication system talk with the system in another company building? Does it integrate with other technologies? If not, you’re missing out! If the communication system you’re using isn’t able to connect with other systems, you’re making communication harder than it needs to be.

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Your teams shouldn’t be confined by their physical location. In the world of remote work and working while on-the-go, you need to embrace solution that integrates with other technology and is mobile enough to work wherever your employees are located.

With an integrated system, you can allow your employees to work from home but still be able to answer a company phone. This offers convenience and a flexible work environment for employees who need a break from the office.

5.) You’re Lacking Beneficial Features:

Modern communication systems are more than for just phone calls. With an upgraded system you can enjoy all sorts of new features that will take your business communications to the next level.

One of the biggest and most beneficial features of an upgraded system is video conferencing. With this capability, you can hold company meetings without everyone having to be in the same physical location. This makes it easier to collaborate no matter where your employees are located.

Another benefit of video conferencing is the ability to provide more personal communication with customers. Video conferencing can be quite handy if customers are experiencing issues with a product and need more (virtual) hands-on help.

6.) Productivity Is Lacking:

When you aren’t investing enough in communication, it’s likely to impact productivity in the workplace. Without proper communication, employees don’t have the clear direction or the resources they need to get the job done right. In turn, this can cause confusion, missed deadlines, and overworked employees.

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If your business is experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to put more money towards communication. From upgrading your traditional phone lines to a VOIP service to creating a productive and collaborative space, you won’t regret investing more money into communication.

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