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Experience An Innovative Use Of Smartphone With Foldable Screens

Smartphones are becoming very popular among the people in USA and all over the world. Smartphones offer various practical features to the users than other mobile phones. So many companies are introducing smartphones, but Samsung and LG are the most famous and demanding companies for smartphones among the consumers. These companies are keeping introducing more and more features in smartphones for the convenience of the users and make the device more and more useful and effective. Samsung and LG both are launching foldable phones for their users to give them an amazing experience.

Foldable Phones:

The wait is over, Samsung and LG both are going to launch foldable phones in the second half of 2017. According to the report in the Korea Herald, it is announced that the Samsung and LG both are working to reveal the portable folding devices for their users. These devices are innovative, easy to use and provide a great user experience to the consumers who are using these devices.

Final Declaration Of Launching Time:

No more rumors, no false statements, now the final declaration and announcement of smartphones with foldable screens are going to be launched by Samsung and LG. No company finalizes its definite and exact plan yet, but it seems that Samsung is likely to create 100,000 of devices of smartphone-cum-tablets in the third quarter of 2017. On the other hand, LG will meet the same target in the fourth quarter.


Variation From Old Foldable Phones:

Last year, Samsung launched the same device with the codename Project Valley, but this device is designed in a way that both screens are inside the fold like a book. After folding the device, the screens go inside, and consumers do not like to open and close regularly. Now, the variation has developed, in this, the display will move to the outside of the unit, after closing the device.

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Features Of Foldable Samsung And LG Phones:

It will give a great experience to the users of Samsung and LG when they use a foldable phone and take it to anywhere. On the opening of the device, it will be a seven-inch tablet. Before, it is reported that the Samsung will unveil its first foldable device on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. But now the accurate report is that the Samsung and LG both are planning to launch the new devices with foldable screens in the second half of 2017.

  • The foldable smartphones of Samsung and LG give a seven-inch screen to use after opening.
  • When the phone is folded, the both screens of the device remain open for the convenient use.
  • It will be a device that is like smartphone-cum-tablet.

Get ready to enjoy a new way to use a smartphone, like a book. The new smartphones of Samsung and LG are now coming with foldable screens. The users will definitely enjoy the utilization of these foldable devices and be working on large screens.

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