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Salesforce Continuous Integration Leads To Business Growth

Nowadays, business environment is changing rapidly due to change in market dynamics. Depending on the situation, companies go for merger and acquisitions, etc for grabbing the maximum market share. For that reason, they go for data integration. Nowadays, many business activities are conducted with the help of computers. The importance of data integration is growing day by day. Organizations require data integration, when they need to handle data, which are stored in multiple sources.

What Is Data Integration?

Data integration is the process of collecting, organizing and managing data from different sources in various formats. For example, in case of merging of two companies, integration of information from company applications like SCM, ERP and CRM to new database is always a tiresome job because the traditional coding method of transferring huge volumes of information is not totally reliable for activities that deal with critical data.

What Happened In The Past?

Many companies selected Jenkins for data integration. However, over long run Jenkins did not offer suitable results. This open source tool is not suitable for integrating data. Different clients use the solution in various ways that lead to different outcomes. Jenkins does not offer good documentation support. As this is an open source plugin, clients have to sort out their own way for deploying it.

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The Best Alternative:

Salesforce continuous integration provides exceptional data integration aid for companies, which deal with huge volume of data. This process offers error free data integration and reduces the time of carrying out a business activity.

Popularity Of Salesforce:

  • Generates flawless results
  • Non technical persons can easily use this tool
  • Provides proper document support

Salesforce integration, a SaaS model, provides synchronization of data between various business applications and storage sources. This tool offers robust data integration services to users over internet by using SaaS model. Subscription based data migration services are developed on multi level framework for giving companies the option for maximizing the value of their business without facing difficulty.


Consumes Less Time:

With efficient Salesforce data integration techniques, you can synchronize contracts and accounts in short time, when compared with traditional methods. This process helps you in managing new data and orders for integrated analysis and reporting.

Moreover, as this procedure is based on SaaS model, you can take help of various instances of on-demand applications that are developed separately for non-technical line of company managers and administrators and enables them for integrating cloud-based data onsite business programs and databases. It provides flexible as well as powerful platform to procure complex integrations that include complex functions and source to target mapping deliverable to SaaS applications.

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Prevents Data Redundancy:

Salesforce integration services provide easy access to databases and eliminate duplicate and erroneous entries. It simplifies the process of replication, migration, synchronization and cleansing of data across various databases, business applications and master hubs by deploying powerful data transformation and mapping tools for exploring application level objects like contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and customers with easy to understand techniques and get used to graphical user interface.

If you think that Salesforce data integration is the suitable option for your business’s data migration need, you can easily locate a service provider by resuming web search. However, before striking a deal, you should verify the reputation of the service provider by going through client’s testimonials, for getting the best returns for your business.

Sujain ThomasAbout the Author:

Sujain Thomas is a senior Salesforce integrator specializing in the automotive sector. She has acquired extensive experience in implementing Salesforcechangesets across dealership points.

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