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Shopping Online? Be Careful About What Information You Share

The virtual space has bought the world at your doorstep. Getting things done online with a single click has made our busy lives much easier. Online shopping is the best deal that the virtual technology can ever contribute. However there are a high amount of internet security risks that squeezes into the virtual story from behind the scenes. Unsecured sites, phishing mails, public wi-fi connections are some of the cyber elements of hacking.

Here are some hacks to stay from hackers…

Know About Virtual Credit Card:

The most preferred choice of online shopping what we prefer is cash on delivery. But it is not the same with all the websites, as sometimes the online shopping site does not pose a cash on delivery option or charge extra money for cash on delivery option. In such cases if you are not convinced with online safety. You can perform online transactions with a virtual credit card number that conceals the real account number. This card number will exist only for a specific time frame and is bound to expire after the time gets lapsed. This will help you stay away from the hacker’s interference in case the website is malicious.

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Keep Your Passwords Updated:

You must be hearing and reading about changing passwords on a regular basis. You must be tired of hearing it a n number of times but are you practicing it take precautions on online safety. You might be hearing about breaches and credit card theft happening some where on the other end of the globe. you never know one day you ll be one such victim if you are not taking steps to change your password regularly. It is not about hearing it again and again it is all about you implementing the known fact in deed that can save you from any upcoming virtual threats.

Refrain From Clicking Links In Emails:

You might get fancy mails with attractive captions pitching in devious and unbelievable offers that tempts you to click on the link that comes along the mail. Phishing mails are made to look alike the genuine bank, online store emails. Without having a clear idea what the email is all about, we click on the link. It is a critical aspect to know how to identify the malicious mail from a genuine one. Also if you want to know if the deal is true, go to the site and check if the deals do really exist. Also be aware of the fact that no genuine site will ask your personal and confidential information through mails.


Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Are A Nightmare For Online Shopping:

Are you planning to shop online staying connected through a public hotspot? Then you are near identity theft. And if you do so your personal information is already in the hands of the hackers. This is because most of the Wi-Fi Hotspots do not focus on encrypting data. Hackers find it a deal to steal user’s data.

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HTTPS In The URL Is All Your Clue:

You as a might not be a tech savvy. But knowing some simple online jargans can save your million bucks. HTTPS is one such aspect that should be known by all the users. When you visit an online  website, the first thing that you should check is if the website is protected. How do you know if the website is protected? The address bar should have HTTPS in the website link. This helps to secure your transaction. HTTPS uses SSL Certificate to encrypt the information that is shared over the website concealing your confidential information from the hacker’s sight.

Stay Tuned With The Latest Browser Updates:

Hackers find way to hack the websites through the browser. Developers update the browsers by releasing new security patches every now and then. When you are alerted to update your browser, make it a point to update it immediately. Hackers exploit the outdated browser as a medium to interfere with your online shopping transaction. If you update the browser in par with the update release then you are sure to be safe online.

Know The Insights Of Online Security:

Hackers go leaps and bounds to attack the virtual world. Online shopping sites being the main victim space of performing identity theft. They find new and unique ways to unlock the administered security measures. Equip your online shops with ethical hackers who can forecast the possible manoeuvring techniques much in advance. This will help you to stay all ready with effective protective measures and defend hackers much effectively.

Natasha MirandaAbout the Author:Natasha Miranda is a Technical Content Writer and SSL security expert from Comodo. Her writings share deeper insights and a vast knowledge on online safety, SSL security solutions on website protection and data breaches.

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