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SME Businesses 101: How To Boost Your Direct Mail Marketing Tactics?

In the world of business, a company cannot grow without building a loyal customer base that will continue to buy its products and services. But before these people can be acquired and become regular patrons, companies must first win them over and give their audience a reason to stay. This is where marketing strategies come in to create and convince a wide range of consumers to take the first bite.

Direct mail marketing is a type of marketing strategy that uses physical letters and postcards. In some cases, your business may also send packages, brochures, mailers, merchandise, and other similar items to your list of prospective or current customers. This type of strategy takes advantage of personalized 1:1 marketing to engage and create better relationships with your customers in hopes of gaining their loyalty.

Now that digital media has taken over our society, marketing teams can now have an easier time reaching new audiences with a few simple clicks of a button. As such, many may believe that direct mail marketing techniques have become obsolete. However, this could not be further from the truth. Many B2B and B2C companies still value direct mail marketing today because it is a meaningful way to make connections with their audiences.

Many of us have grown attached to our mobile devices and consider them an essential tool for daily life. With this in mind, marketers unleash advertisements one after another, which can cause consumers to feel overwhelmed. As a result, there is an increased rate of people trying to avoid advertisements while they spend time online.

Direct mail marketing can still be considered relevant in today’s digital society for good reasons. For some people, it may feel like a good change of pace from receiving several advertisements in their emails and on social media regularly. At the same time, It is also a good way for businesses to stand out from competitors who use the same online channels.

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Many SME businesses can boost their audience reach with this marketing strategy because it is unique and feels more personalized. Consumers can make more memorable experiences with direct mail marketing, while companies face less direct competition. There are also several types of strategies you can use when creating your own direct mail marketing plans.

Here are a few factors you should consider to make them more effective in 2021.

Invest In Postcards:

Since the 1860s, postcards have been one of the best mediums to send greetings to someone through the mail. Not only are these products cost-effective and easy to attain, but they can quickly grab the attention of your customers better than other things you send in the mail.

Because of this, your marketing tactics can make a bigger impact and make your brand more memorable. Another benefit of using postcards is that they can grant you more flexibility in terms of a creative construct.

Make Personalized Touches:

Improve your direct mail marketing by creating and sending highly personalized mail to your consumers. Adding these small changes can help increase the impact of your campaign and steadily grow your business. Through this approach, customers are more likely to respond to your efforts of bringing information in a manner that’s convenient for them.

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Direct and personalized mail can make your customers feel more special and prioritized over other consumers. As a result, they grow to see your brand in a positive light and are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.


Offer Free Items And Discounts:

If there’s anything else that people love more than a good discount, it’s free merchandise or items. Sending your direct mailers with a freebie or two now and then gives your customers more incentive to stay loyal to your brand. These items can range from free samples of new products or discounts for special services available for a limited time.

Other free items you can consider are loyalty cards for first-time customers and special trial periods for exclusive or premium features.

Know The 40/40/20 Rule:

Many successful marketing campaigns use the 40/40/20 rule as a guide to appealing to the right audiences. This rule places emphasis on allocating your efforts strategically: 40% towards offers or deals, 40% towards audience reach, and 20% towards creativity.

The rule implies that all marketing tactics can achieve better rates of success if these elements are balanced out. If one of these elements does not reach the minimum quota, then your strategy may need more thorough planning.

Use 3D Mailers:

Direct mail marketing entails that you surprise your target audience, so you can stand out from regular junk mail. One way to do this is by utilizing 3D mailers over other traditional mediums and packaging. While this option may be slightly more expensive than regular format mailers, they are known to perform better in attracting new customers.

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Common formats for this option include boxes or tubed packaging that contains freebies on its outer sides. For many SME businesses, this option can be a cost-effective way to appeal to a wider range of customers while maintaining a unique image as opposed to being comparable with your competitors.

Upgrade Your Envelopes:

When it comes to marketing, presentation is an important aspect that you should not skimp out on. Entice your customers into opening your mail by upgrading to better quality envelopes. These products can be customized to make your target customers more curious about what they contain and encourage them to interact with your brand more.

Automate Your Direct Mail Marketing:

Instead of relying on a manual process to package, design, and manage your products, consider investing in mail automation. When you opt for this feature, you reduce the amount of labour necessary to complete these tasks and free up your time as well.

Get Creative With Postal:

Getting the attention of your audience is the first and most important step in growing your business. Even in the digital age, direct mail marketing remains relevant for its unique take on traditional tactics. Step up your game and stand out from your competitors with these key strategies.

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David Williams is the Marketing Manager of Intermedia Print Solutions, a print media and packaging solutions company in Princeton, NJ notable for its high-end print quality printing and on-time delivery. A mixture of technology and creativity is what makes David enthusiastic about his work. He likes to spend his free time reading books, watching sci-fi films, and writing articles.

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