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Top 5 Trending PHP Frameworks For Fast Development 2019

PHP is evolving rapidly. The reason behind the success of PHP is its ability to handle the complex app- securely. The language is developing at a quite faster pace than we ever thought.  The website builds on PHP framework is fulfilling the business requirement. It is believed and stated by many skilled PHP developers that “PHP framework is secure, easy to maintain and scalable.”

According to some latest surveys & research, it specifies that 2019 will go to see the transformation in a PHP framework that will build robust web development. In this blog, we will outline some of the essential PHP frameworks that will rule 2019.

Developers Recommended PHP Frameworks:

Developers pick them as they speed up the development process, are safe out of the box and scalable. It’s not an easy task to find a framework that is suitable for you and will work as expected. Below you can find top 5 the most popular frameworks.

1.) Laravel PHP Framework:

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today, and is a go-to-choice for development teams. It is because of its speed, extension ability, and quick institution. As an open source web application development framework it adheres to MVC pattern. It makes web development simple with its advanced query syntax. It enables seamless development of high-quality web applications. Laravel fulfills related development requirements of all type of businesses, be it a small firm or a large global enterprise.

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2.) Zend Framework:

The reusability of codes is the biggest perk of Zend framework.  The Zend framework is written in   PHP 5. The framework is consisting of a large community of developers, full of tools and libraries acts as an addition to its richness and usability. Along with this, the Zend framework is safe, flexible and innovative. Over the years, Zend Framework one and two have been used in significant enterprise projects.


3.) CakePHP:

Some of the best features of the CakePHP framework are – easy extension, PHP MVC Framework architecture, less code, simple, convenient and fast. It is useful in developing complex as well as simple web applications. It is a widely accepted framework by the developers as it requires less coding, which reduces the efforts and saves ample time.

4.) Yii Framework:

YiiFramework was Released in 2008 and is renowned for its lethargic stacking strategy, where the stacking of the website page is done when required instead of being stacked at the same time. This lightweight PHP Framework is known for its simple establishment process and can be effortlessly expanded. In this structure, PHP incorporates with CodeCeption which is a well-known testing system.

5.) CodeIgniter:

A simple, powerful PHP framework, CodeIgniter is known for its flexibility and hassle-free installation. CodeIgniter is supposed to have an easy learning curve thus making it the best choice for beginners.

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Last Words:

Whether a developer is a beginner or an expert, these top 5 PHP frameworks of 2019 have a little something to make every developer’s life easier. They standardize repetitive code, encourage developers to follow coding standards and the creation of reusable components, and lets developers focus on the business flow and the components of the application/website rather than get distracted by the nitty gritty of the coding language.

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