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Google Gravity Tricks And Google Zero Gravity

Most of the internet users including you know about all the main services of Google which are more popular among the users such as Google Plus, Google Translator, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and many more others. Apart from using these services of Google and to try out something amazing using Google, there are still some amazing stuff behind Google to make users experience better entertained when try out this stuff.  Guess what we are talking about? Google gravity, if yes then you are correct.  Google gravity is one of the best and most surprising tricks of Google.

If you are one of those guys who are pretty much interested to know about the best and amazing Google gravity tricks and Google zero gravity tricks of 2015, then you are at right place. Because today we are going to share the top Google zero gravity trick and Google gravity trick that you will find amazing. So let’s get started and have a look at these tricks which are mentioned below:

Anti Google Gravity Trick:

Anti Google gravity Google trick is one of the amazing thing that you can try out because you will get twist when searching up for your desired phrase using Google search engine. Because when you type something on Google using this trick, all the search results will feel gravitation and falls down to the bottom of screen.  In order to get started with this trick, Go to Google homepage type Anti Google gravity and click I am feeling lucky option and then you will be on Google zero gravity page where you will be able to see magic of this trick. Here is direct Google Gravity Live for this trick to try out.

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Google Mirror Gravity:

Google mirror is another interesting and amazing trick of Google to try and it feels users the inverted version of Google. What does this mean is that users will be able to get inverted results just like mirror and all content of Google will be inverted with this trick. To try out this directly, you can Elgoog Gravity where you will be able to find several tricks such as Pac-Man, Snake Game, Underwater, Gravity etc.

Zero Rush Google Gravity:

Zerg Rush is amazing and one of best and my favorite trick of Google which is quite different from other tricks. So what exactly Zero Rush is? Actually in Zero Rush trick, a lot of zeros will fall and remove all the search engine results showing and only two words will be visible at the end “GG” which means Google.  If you want to try out this trick, you just need to type Zero Rush in Google search engine and Hit Enter in order to see the magic.

Google Guitar:

Google guitar seems to be another interesting Google trick which I think is mainly for music lovers to impress them.  Why because in Google guitar, users are allowed to play their own tone by moving their mouse on guitar image or through typing from keyword. Users can also save their guitar tones played using Google guitar.

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So these are the best and amazing Google zero gravity tricks that you can try out in 2015 and I hope you found them useful. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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8 Responses to “Google Gravity Tricks And Google Zero Gravity”

  1. Wow! these Google tricks are really awesome and worth giving a try. I really like them. Great fun. Thanks for sharing such interesting information. It will be a pleasure to hear more. Cheers.

  2. iliyas shaikh says:

    wow wow wow …! great great ..! amazing and awesome .. i am enjoying gravity with playing… make my day happy.. thank you

  3. Deep Web says:

    “The barrel roll was pretty spectacular, so I did a few searches about it and bumped into an article that explains the whole thing. He even made/discovered a code that can make our pages do the same thing, I haven’t learned it yet because it was kind of complicated.

    Cool list.”

  4. hahaha I know, Google Gravity might seem a bit gay for guys I think. But for girls it might be fun to play with. 😀 By the way, just wanna ask do you think Google gravity is a good example of web 3.0 ? Like in the future, our websites will be highly interactive like this, and instead of having a bunch of links, we will have images or blocks that represent those links. What do you think ?And thanks for the tips of fixing the video width…I have no idea about these technical stuff..

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you with more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks again.

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