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Basics Of Hosting A Twitter Chat And Improving Your Visibility

Twitter chat, also known as tweet chat, is a terrific way of gathering people on Twitter, getting a better know-how of the community, and strengthening relationships, with the end motive of improving brand visibility. A lot of brands including FedEx have used Tweet chats as a part of their social media strategy. If you have never experienced a Twitter chat in the past, it would be hard for you to host one. But a few tips can certainly help you in hosting a popular as well as informative Twitter chat.

How Twitter Chat Works?

A Twitter chat is a conversation on Twitter using a unique hashtag to stimulate discussion around a particular topic and engaging your audience on a personal level. This inbound marketing tactic would promote your brand well and will make the participation enjoyable for each one of your customer. They will certainly keep visiting you for more.

If you haven’t hosted a Twitter chat in the past, it is best to follow or participate in some tweet chats concerned with your industry. And then you would get an idea about how it exactly works and how you should plan your chat. You will get an idea about the kind of questions being put by the audiences and feedback generated.

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How To Host A Twitter Chat?

After following a few relevant tweet chats, you’ll probably have a few ideas how you would like to host your chat. So you can get things set up.

Your first and the most important task should be to brainstorm the hashtag. It is something that is going to pull things in and it cannot be changed afterwards. So you must think hard and choose a hashtag that is unique and easy to remember. Always select a hashtag that is short and easy to type. Use of symbols, double letters, and words with nasty associations should be strictly avoided. You can run a search for hashtag on Twitter as well as Google before selecting the ideal one for your chat.

Your next step should be choosing the ideal day and time for the tweet chat. There shouldn’t be any other tweet chat on the topic similar to yours on the day you are planning to host your chat. You must host the chat on the day and time that works best for most of the people. Choose a day which works best for you and doesn’t conflict with others chats. Typically a tweet chat runs for an hour or so.

It wouldn’t be possible for you to single-handedly host the chat. You will certainly need moderators to spread the message across the community. It is best to invite moderators to work on promotion of your event. Choose powerful people as your team members who can spread the message to their social media contacts.

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Create questions for your chat that can kick start the conversation. Format them properly in a way that chat attendees engage with one another. The best would be to seek opinions of visitors as such things make a good starter. Having a list of questions decided beforehand doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to ask all those questions. Depending on in which direction the chat is going, you can put forth your questions. In any case, it is good to have a bunch of questions prepared well in advance.

Interact with guest speakers as they can help market your chats. Get an important, industry leader to join your tweet chat as it can give a substantial boost to your marketing. Advertise your chat and spread a word about it else nobody would even get to know about the chat happening. You can inform the bloggers on your blog, add an announcement on your website, publish on your social media channels, and even send emails to let your market know about the tweet chat. It is best to invite the key persons concerned with your industry personally.

And then you need to simply launch the chat. So your chat will go live on the time and day decided by you. Once the chat is over, you can still use the hashtag to check back and talk to the attendees. Make sure you keep monitoring the discussion as you can get qualified leads from this. You can also get an idea for another tweet chat from where the discussion ended.

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As discussed, Twitter chat can surely put your name out amongst the relevant audience. It is a powerful tool that can help add credibility to your brand by engaging with people relevant to your business. Just like any other social media endeavor, this one too needs a lot of patience to yield the outputs. But following the steps discussed above, you can certainly become a tweet chat superstar!

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