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Logo Evolution Of Brands – In Infographic View

Every business starts with some thoughts, vision, mission and ethics. There are some motives to be fulfilled behind every business and the prime aim of any business is to spread awareness about their motives. Ultimately people must know why a particular business is in existence, than only they will consider it. Just to make people aware about the business, companies invest millions and even billions in marketing campaigns. Now what is the possible way to leave an impression over people about a business, name, posters, ads, a catchy tag line, a huge brand ambassador? Nah! it’s the logo.

A simple, handy and ready to be trendy abbreviation or design is the only thing which people remember these days. Because posters or banners changes every day, advertisements change with occasions and brand ambassadors endorses many brands at a time. However, even logos evolve with time but these evolutions make them more interesting and handy.

These logo evolutions are now celebrated as an important event. Companies run logo design and development campaigns world widely and they also use various mediums of marketing for this. At times companies organize some special events for this like Pepsi organized various sports events recently when they evolved their logo.

A common question comes to our mind is why there is a need of changing the logo? Well there are lots of possible reasons. It may be because company wants to re-define their logo from the bulky one to a handy one. Sometimes just for marketing or creating press releases, sometimes it happens due to astrological or any other hypothetical believes. Although from business point of view only one reason seems valid i.e. marketing. That’s why even renowned brands evolved their logos as shown in below info-graphic.

Logo Evolution Of Brands
This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Packaging Express

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