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Top 5 Android Security Risks Which You Should Be Aware Of

Top 5 Android Security Risks Which You Should Be Aware Of

Smartphones are a contemporary, innovative and personal addition of technology to our lives. Being a personal device, it caters to all our needs just like a P.A does; only that it is error free. This is why one needs to take care of their smartphones at much higher level because they’re prone to security risks. The problem becomes inevitable when one has an Android phone. If you have an android, you should better read this post.

Android operating system, being open and flexible is at higher risk, especially if the phone as well as the apps aren’t protected with enough measures. A smartphone is a gateway to online world; online shopping, social networking, confidential information and much much more! So when we have our smartphone open to vulnerability, we should consider taking some protective measures. Before you decide how to protect your phone, lets see what kind of android security risks are there:

1.) No Automatic Backup Option:

Like iPhones, Android lack the inbuilt option to backup the phone’s data. iPhone has cloud system to synchronize and take data backup continuously. But android doesn’t has any such default option. This is particularly risky, especially if you store important information on your device. Tip: Use Data backup apps for android to deal with this issue and the app would automatically sync your data.

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2.) Restrained Phone Locking Feature:

Putting up a lock code on a smartphone is the first level of protection. Doing this not only prevents unauthorized people from accessing your smartphone. But if somehow somebody knows your phone’s lock code, then they might not even need an Android spy app to monitor your activities. Although you can encrypt your android for best protection, but the android spy app is quite advanced and will track all activities of the monitored phone. Tip: Always put up a strong lock code on your android and never leave it unattended.

Top 5 Android Security Risks Which You Should Be Aware Of

3.) No Standard Rules For Apps:

Android operating system isn’t strict and that’s why it rarely put up access permissions on the apps that are installed in the phone. Most of the apps would not even request permissions from the OS, instead access phone’s resources without any prior information. Tip: Any app that you install on your android will at least once show you the “access permission” tab, giving full list of the resources that the app requires to access. If you’re not fine with the app accessing unnecessary resources, simply uninstall the app.

4.) Insecure Web Browsing:

Android phones have a weak web browsing scenario. Only the user has to determine whether the website they’re visiting via their Android is safe or not, because there isn’t an app that secures internet browsing, nor is there an option to encrypt your data that gets sent by it.Tip: Make sure that the websites you visit via your android are preceded by “https”.

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5.) Infected Apps:

There are many android apps which are infected, mostly useless and perhaps disguised as security apps. These apps are neither anti-virus nor anti-malware. Instead they are spammy apps, full of ads which tempt users to download other apps. These apps possibly carry malware or are malware themselves.


Always invest in an antivirus from a trusted seller or a reputed brand. Also avoid downloading unwanted apps which are not from verified sellers. Carefully analyzing your smartphone habits to see whether your smartphone is vulnerable to these security risks or not will surely help you to prevent any future damage to your data and android.

About the Author:
Upasana Dass blogs for Imobispy. She is a writer who incomparably contributes and commits towards writing for Computer and Cell Phone Monitoring Software, WhatsApp Spy and various Smartphones as well.

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