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Top 5 Hot Tips For A Stress Free Blogging Career

Top 5 Hot Tips For A Stress Free Blogging Career

Blogging is a passion for some and for others it’s a hobby. Whatever may be the reason, blogging has certainly created successful individuals. Every field has an ups and downs and blogging is no exception. A beginner in blogging is stressful because he wants to be a successful blogger and a successful blogger is under stress because he wants to maintain that success.

Undue stress can lead to many complications jeopardizing a successful blogging career. A blogger should follow a few tips to make a stress free blogging career.

1.) Make A Working Schedule:

Once we are in front of our laptop, then there is no stopping. Apart from blogging there are various other activities like social interaction, surfing the net etc. that goes on simultaneously. The result, we lose concentration and work irregular hours to catch up with the lost time resulting in stress.

The other problem is not concentrating on the same topic. Many bloggers, especially the new ones often hop from one topic to another without completing the first one. Researching a little bit of SEO then writing an article, then again jumping back to SEO will only result in a waste of time and confusion. Making a fixed schedule right from the start of the day till evening will make blogging easier and increase productivity.

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A few hours in the morning can be assigned to writing articles followed by optimizing your site for search engines. Afternoons can be assigned for reading blogs on the net and evenings can be used to answer comments on your blog or queries posted by your visitors. Following a fixed schedule will certainly ease our mind and make blogging a wonderful experience.

Top 5 Hot Tips For A Stress Free Blogging Career

2.) Take Short Break:

One of the main causes of stress is not taking a break between works. We stay glued to the computer screen for hours, sometimes even missing our meals. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen can be quite strenuous.

Taking a short break after 2 to 3 hours can ease our mind and also loosen our muscles which might have become stiff as a result of sitting at one place. The short break can be utilized for some quick, light exercises such as stretching or maybe doing some eye exercise to relieve stress.

3.) Take A Long Break:

I know blogging is not all about breaks, but since we bloggers don’t have any holiday, we can take a short break, maybe once in a month to rejuvenate ourselves. Blogging can be quite monotonous if we don’t indulge in other activities.

Taking a mini holiday for a few days will charge our energies and improve our creativity. You can take an off from your hectic schedule and indulge in some leisure based activities where you can relax and enjoy and not think about pending work. Avoid taking a laptop along with you and make less use of gadgets. After all, you don’t want the same routine on your holiday that you are used to at work.

4.) Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle:

This applies to people from all walks of life. When you have your own venture, you tend to take thinks lightly in terms of health. Unlike people who are working in offices, you can spare some time to maintain your health by following a proper diet plan and an exercise regime.

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As a blogger you have the temptation to work late at nights, which can be hazardous for your health. 8 hours of sound sleep at night is a must for everyone. Here I have specifically mentioned “at night” because a day’s sleep cannot compensate for the quality of sleep that you get at night. You should revive what you learned in early childhood “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

It would be better to join a health club as it will help you to maintain a routine. Any form of exercise done under supervision can prove to be a good stress buster.

5.) Take It Easy And Meditate:

Blogging is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you make lots of money, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you are brimming with ideas and at times you are short of it. Ranking well in the search engines gives us a sense of achievement while not doing so well lets us down. Such ups and downs can be quite stressful.

Meditation is the best medicine for such stressful work and the best part is that it’s free. Just relax in a peaceful place at your home, close your eyes and just be yourself. Don’t think about anything. 15 minutes of meditation every day can work wonders. Just try it out with sincerity and you will come to know about the positive effects of meditation.

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The point mentioned above if done in totality should give you positive returns and pave way for a successful l and healthy blogging career.

About the Author:
My name Is Tanveer Siddiqui. I am a full time blogger. I like to write about Blogging,SEO and Work from Home. I like to research on topics related to SEO and Blogging. You can check my blog at

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