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Building A Thumbnail Gallery With Responsive Web Design

Building A Thumbnail Gallery With Responsive Web Design

The surge in the number of users, browsing the net through smartphones and tablets have led web developers in creating responsive web designs that enable a smooth navigation, and enhances user-experience, without resizing and any other adjustment across different devices. This approach of web designing also referred as RWD, adapts and adjusts to the viewing environment with the use of flexible grids, proportional grids and media queries.

It has been witnessed that the websites meant for computer screens are viewed with difficulty on those of smartphones and other devices with small screen sizes. RWS is a one-step solution to create a website that can be viewed equally well on the desktop as well as on the mobile devices.

Use Versatile Images:

Over the net, there are different tutorials that outline different steps that you need to adapt to create different features of user interface. This approach helps these sites to adjust different sizes of screen and ensures high quality visibility, and it can be used from any location.

To designs a thumbnail gallery with the help of responsive web design, you need to start with basic HTML. Without using old images, you can start with versatile ones. For any entry, you need an image, description and title.

  • To add different items to the gallery, you need to copy a code and paste it. 
  • Then target it to CSS. 
  • While using the CSS markup, consider the width of the container. 
  • This width determines that the page is fluid. 
  • Make sure that the page is not restricted to the use of few breakpoints rather it adapts to different breakpoints. 
Building A Thumbnail Gallery With Responsive Web Design

Decide On The Gallery Style:

Next you need to decide the style of the gallery. The size and color of the font is decided in this level. You can also add features that add styling to images. The width of the images, different effects on the image are ensures. Adding column width is the next step. This is considered to be the trickiest part of the process.

  • Width and margin of each of elements needs to be considered, so that they can adapt to the change in the size of the viewport. 
  • To determine the width of the column, start calculation on the basis of the margin. 
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Use Of Media Queries:

With the reduction in the size of the page, often many layouts lose its readability. Media queries can be of great help in this regard. It helps in inserting different breakpoints and shapes the columns to an appropriate one.

With the increase in the number of devices, it is important to choose a breakpoint that will suffice the need. To simplify the process, while designing the thumbnail gallery, never focus on the size of the screen, but let the design portray it the breakpoints. If you point out and analyze the breakpoints of the design, then it will be easy to fix the problem.

Reduce The Window For Testing:

You can test it by viewing the gallery on a browser and then reducing the size of the window. If it is built to scale, then there is no or little chance of breaking down. If needed, you can reduce the width of the column or decrease the number of columns.

This will help the layout to flow on the desktop and the other smaller devices. You can repeat the process to point the problem areas. A website design company identifies the reasons that stop a site from being functional to give a good readability rather that pointing the use of media queries.

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Responsive web design is the answer to building different websites for different devices. Follow few simple and systematic steps and it can help you to build different features of a website that corresponds to different devices.

About the Author:
Charlie Brown is attached with a reputed website design company for more than a decade. He has stated that with the advent of responsive web design, designing websites for different devices is easy. He has explained steps to design thumbnail gallery with this approach.

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  1. Jenny Richards says:

    You can try and opt for the Thumbnail gallery, which is associated with the responsive web design. There are various versatile images, availed from Web Design New York, which you can try and go for, when the main area of concern is related with increase human traffic. You can easily try and opt for different items as associated with gallery and those are needed to copy any code and paste it, in some of the reliable sites. You can also try and target the CSS field; in order to know more about this field. The bloggers can also take using help of CS markup and those are associated with the container width.

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