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7 Must-Have WordPress Widget Every Aspiring Blogger Should Use

With the development and access of the internet, the blogging industry has experienced tremendous growth. According to WordPress, approximately 409 million people worldwide explore more than 20 billion blog posts per month, while brands and entrepreneurs post around 77 million new comments and 70 million new posts for the readers each month. This number is quite enough to explain the importance of blogs, and when it comes to starting a blogging website, WordPress widgets can be considered as one of the convenient sources.

Most Popular WordPress Widgets That Are Helpful For The Bloggers:

When it comes to creating a WordPress blog, then you have to consider installing WordPress blog themes, installing WordPress themes is the easiest job which anyone possessing little knowledge can perform. But keep extra care while adding plugins to the same.

WordPress Widgets helps users to add various functionalities to their blog website. This can benefit users to get proper navigation through the website. Most of them are developed for multiple purposes, it allows users to add content, elements, features, and much more to widget-ready areas. Thus adding plugins can prove to be helpful, especially when it comes to blogging platforms. If you are aiming to create a blogging website, then consider only adding an excellent and useful plugin to the same.

1.) Jetpack:

One of the most popular WordPress plugins that are popular among the users these days is Jetpack. This popular plugin is developed by Automattic and team of developers behind WordPress.This excellent plugin is not just used for blog websites, it is also used for creating various types of websites like news, magazines, business, and so on. Jetpack helps users to filter spam, scan malware, protect brute force attacks, and much more, this can help users to prevent unwanted intrusions in the developed website.

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2.) Akismet:

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that helps users to examines all the contact forms and comments submissions that can harm the website. Using this helpful plugin, users can easily omit a lot of spam from the entire blog website. This advance plugin automatically analyzes the whole website and drops out all those content, which appears as spam on the website.

When any of the spam is found on the website, then they are immediately recorded in the status history of Akismet, which can be viewed by the users to know where the comments or content was spammed using the Akismet moderator. Till today Akismet has helped numerous users to remove around 400 billion spams from their website.

3.) UpdraftPlus:

It is one of the best plugins for blogs, which is widely used to simplify the process of data restoration and backup and restoration for blogging or any other website. This advance plugin was downloaded by 1+ million users worldwide to backup and restore data of their website. With the help of UpdraftPlus, users can backup their contents using cloud databases like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and more. Whenever users need to restore the content, they need to click on restore it again with just a single click.


4.) Easy Social Sharing:

It is a social media plugin that facilitates readers to share any of the contents from your website on social media platforms. This plugin is very beneficial for the brands as it helps them to expand their user base. Easy Social Sharing can be considered as one of the best plugins for your blog as it allows readers to share different content related to an app like uber, the latest technological, or any other content on social media. They can easily share content on 18 different social media networks through easy social sharing.

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5.) NextGEN Gallery:

It is one of the perfect plugins which help users to add various galleries in their boring content to make it interesting for the readers. It poses all advance elements and features that users need for their blog gallery. NextGen is very easy to use and is powerful enough to add different types of galleries to enlisted on the website. Mainly there are two types of gallery-style, they are:

  • Slideshow galleries.
  • Thumbnail galleries.

Choose any of the styles as per your convenience and make your blog more interesting if needed.

6.) Yoast SEO:

One of the most used plugin these days is Yoast, it is helpful for users who want to pay attention to search engine optimization blogs. This plugin is trusted by most of the WordPress website owners. This plugin is updated continuously, which helps users to make their content compatible with Google algorithms. Yoast SEO has advanced and useful features that can help you to make your blog better and effective.

7.) Everest Forms:

When it comes to adding a form to blog, then Everest Forums can be considered as one of the best choices for the website owners. It provides a user-friendly interface to the users with customizations equipped and drag and drops fields. Users can easily modify their forms whenever and however they want.

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Everest Forms facilitates users to add an unlimited number of forms to their website and also allow them with multiple column support. Everest Forms is a fully responsive plugin, thus forms created by this plugin are also responsive and can be used on any portable devices. It also supports multiple languages, so any of your readers can translate the form and filled it through any language as per their convenience. Besides this, users are provided with beautiful form templates so that they get rid of the hassling task of designing the form now and then.

Few Taglines:

The above-listed list consists of some of the best and popular plugins for WordPress blogs that users can use to simplify their work and can make their blog websites more effective. All these plugins are very beneficial for the user as it helps them to enhance the quality of blogs. It also helps to enhance the usability, appearance, and reach of the blogs. Thus consider adding these advanced plugins to your website’s blog and attract more readers towards it.

Deep MoteriaAbout the Author:

Deep Moteria is an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger having led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring content. He crafts content on topics including on-demand services like app like uber, finances, technology trends and many more.

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