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5 Tips For Your Blog To Rank Higher On Search Engines

5 Tips For Your Blog To Rank Higher On Search Engines

Being on the first page in Google is the target of many webmasters. Unfortunately many of them would still make many mistakes to improve this position.

It is not possible to reach the first page of Google with a single strategy. To succeed you need to consider all elements related to the effective optimization of your website. First, a site must earn Google’s trust to be listed on the first places in the results of searches.

If your site is new, it is possible to wait a certain period of time [about six months] until Google will list among the top places for important keywords from your industry. An important criterion to meet this requirement is the backlinks from older websites.

Secondly, it is important to make sure that search engines will be able to access and index your site’s pages quickly and easily. Thus, a very short indexing time can help the site to appear in the first results. At the same time, it is advisable to follow and to eliminate the problems that can arise during this time and try to improve the quality of site content given the right keywords in your domain activity. In the following lines will present top 5 marketing elements to do that.

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1.) Website Accessibility By Search Engines:

It makes no sense to optimize your website if the search engines cannot scan your content.

  • The robots.txt file must allow them access to content. If the file contains errors most search engines will not list your website.
  • Do not have HTML errors in your site and the server must return the correct response code. Certain errors within a web page can partially block the content so it would not be accessible to search engines. Before making any kind of website optimization these elements should be considered. 

2.) Website Architecture:

Google wants to display relevant search results. Your website must not contain a list of random pages of randomly information. Most pages should have a link between them depending on the type of website and business.

Your content must be related to a specific topic. All pages should have links within the site and the need to catch them within 3 clicks. Links structure must be placed in different categories so that search engines understand your content structure and value the site pages.

5 Tips For Your Blog To Rank Higher On Search Engines

3.) Keywords:

  • Optimize as many pages on different words. The more the better.
  • To begin with, use longer keywords, eg: “Toshiba Satellite M250”
  • When you reach the top for these words can move to shorter versions, eg: “Toshiba Satellite”
  • Once you are well positioned for this variant can aim above, eg: “Toshiba”
  • Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important factors. Their wrong choice will ruin all your work so far. 
  • In general, longer keywords have a better conversion rate than shorter ones. Basically, the key word “Toshiba Satellite M250” is likely to bring more clients than “Toshiba” reported on the number of visitors. 
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Another important factor is the keyword analysis which follows to optimize your website. If your chosen keywords are frequently used for both users and also your competitors, you may wait longer to get better positioning in Google.

If sites ranked highly in the results of a search are old, having a large number of back links and pages, at the moment the chances of your site to be listed in front of them will drop considerably. Taking this into account, to gain Google’s trust is better to start the process of optimizing by choosing keywords/phrases used less in searches.

4.) Content:

Your website will never be well positioned in Google if you use the information copied from others. Separate from the rest with your website content, creating unique and reliable articles. Write your own articles about what you want to convey on your company and your products. Turn your website into a useful resource for those who surf the internet.

5.) Links To Other Websites:

It is not possible to get a good positioning in the search engines without other websites to refer to you. The more websites are linking to your website the more chances of better positioning will grow. A very important thing in this regard is that the websites that speak about you to be reliable and have a good reputation on the Internet.

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If you have satellite sites linking to you and this is detected, the value of these links will tend to be zero and will also affect your SEO. Social networks are of great help. The more people likes or shares your website on social networks the better. A small error in strategy addressed to you can destroy all the work of optimizing your site.

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