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How To Start A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign?

How To Start A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign?

You should start by getting yourself into the right mind frame. Too many people start marketing campaigns with so much enthusiasm that they overlook the critical flaws in their marketing and thinking from day one. The worst thing is that people cannot see their poor marketing efforts until years later when somebody writes a book about it.

Why did we need Crystal Pepsi? Why can’t we Bing it? Why is Oprah bragging about her Surface tablet from her iPad? The fact it that somebody approved these ideas, except for maybe Oprah who didn’t realize we could see what device she was Tweeting from. What you need to recognize, is that your ideas and marketing is wrong until it is repeatedly proven right.

The First Thing You Need To Do:

As per the introduction, you need to find a way of tempering your enthusiasm. You need to understand that you are too close to your own marketing to look at it objectively. You need to know that no matter how good something appears to be–that it may not be very good at all. If you can condition yourself to take a cold look at your own marketing and see it objectively, then you will be no fun at parties, but you will be good at saving a company millions in advertising.

What You Should Do If You Are Sure:

If you do happen to come up with the greatest marketing ploy of all time, e.g. the perfect tag line or the viral image that will send people nuts about your product, you should test it. You should find a way of running a mini test on your campaign without “showing your hand” too much (poker parlance).

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In other words, you need to find a way of testing your idea in a way that is going to give it the least amount of exposure. Because, if your campaign is heard by a lot of people then it will not be as effective when the time comes to release it to the general population.

How To Start A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign?

You Can Start By BrainStorming A Few Ideas:

The beginning part of your campaign is the best time to start brainstorming ideas. It is when your mind is the most unrestricted because the least amount has been decided. Ergo, you are going to find that a whole mess of new ideas comes up, and you should gather as many as possible before you start the “yes, no, maybe” process of selecting the right one for you.

Planning Is Key To Your Success:

If you plan then it means you have thought through each element of your campaign and how you are going to execute it. This is where all campaigns are supposed to begin, because if you do not consider what you are going to do, then you will never execute it correctly.

Just like playing sports, they say that all the power comes through execution. But, if you have not planned your campaign correctly, then how will it ever be perfectly executed?

How To Start A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign?

Targeting Is Very Important If You Want To Win:

You need to know who your target consumers are and you need to speak to them directly. Online more than anywhere, this is going to mean that you scare off people. Imagine that your audience is stood in a big group. Regular offline targeting would involve finding the people most likely to buy your products and then communicating to them personally, maybe by networking, handing out your card, calling them, etc.

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However, within online marketing you would still have your audience in front of you, but you would have to target your consumer and then shove everyone else out of the room so that you could present to your consumer.

Choose Your Campaign Message Carefully:

This relates to the point above, in that you need to attract your target consumer and scare off people who would not buy from you. This means that your marketing message cannot be “all good” as so many are. You need to be brave and purposefully scare off people who will not buy from you. For example, you may market with your high ticket price on clear display, so that people who cannot afford your product are going to be scared off straight away.

About the Author:
This post is written by Kate Funk and she works as a writer and tutor at where free math tutoring is available for everybody who needs it.

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