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What Makes Drupal A Highly Preferred Option For Online Business?

Drupal, which started out as a small internal website or message board in the year 2000 has now evolved into a powerful content management system. Written by Dries Buytaert as a message board where they could share news and work status with a group of friends, Drupal soon turned into an open source software in 2001.  Initially, Dries wanted to name the site with a Dutch word ‘dorp’ which in English means ‘village.’ But it was mistyped as ‘drop’.

Even though, Dries decided to keep the name. received wide attention and a lot of new ideas flooded in. New technologies and features were discussed and the platform soon turned into a personal experimentation environment. In January 2001, Drupal was released with an objective to extend the reach of experimentation platform.  Drupal is an English rendering of Dutch word “druppel’ which means ’drop’ (as in ‘water droplet’).

Grabbing a 5.1% of the total digital market share, Drupal remains as one of the most popular content management systems in use on the web, right after WordPress and Joomla. If you are looking for a robust yet cost effective CMS solution for your business website, then it is ideal to choose Drupal. Most of the technically minded people (developers and programmers) prefer Drupal over WordPress and Joomla. Whether it is about designing a simple blog or building a powerful content portal, Drupal can be your best bet. About 27.7 % of all educational sites use Drupal to power their content management system. With 2000+ themes and 27000+ themes, Drupal is easy to customize.

However, drupal is the most complex content management system when compared to WordPress and Joomla. Drupal, being a powerful tool for building the most advanced sites demand expertise and experience to operate. Hence, make sure to hire qualified Drupal developers to avail top notch solutions that cater to your needs and specifications. When you rely on the professional services of a reputed Drupal development company, you can be assured about availing customized business driven web solutions within a stipulated time.

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Why you should choose Drupal development over other CMS options? This open source content management system is the most technically advanced and ensures improved performance. When compared to Joomla and WordPress, Drupal websites load more quickly. Faster response time of Drupal pages make it a favored option among the business enterprises. Remarkable flexibility, in-built search engine friendly features, scalability and presence of database abstraction layer are some of the top advantages of Drupal content management system. But keep in mind to find an expert developer to entrust with your web development work.

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