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4 Reasons To Install Antivirus Apps On Your Android Phone

Mobile internet and app usage are central to the smartphone experience. In 2014 alone, 86% of mobile online sessions was spent on apps, compared to 14% allotted to the internet. And that amount of time was mostly spent on Facebook and gaming apps.

Now that apps like Twitter, YouTube and Clash of Clans are widely used, we can’t help but wonder if antivirus apps are needed especially for Android phones. While most people think that viruses only affect PC platforms and malware needs to be willingly installed, it remains a fact that even the Google Play Store can still host malicious apps and intrusive ads. After all, coding for Android apps is now available to more people.

That’s just one of the reasons you should download an antivirus app for your Android phone. Here are 4 more reasons to have this kind of app on your gadget:

1.) They Block Malware:

Antivirus apps like Avira can quickly scan any downloaded apps from the Google Play Store, as well as any APK installers. Once it detects apps that are carry or at risk for malware infections, it can notify you so you can then uninstall the application. This can save you from having your personal information copied off your phone.

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2.) They Scan Files to Detect Infections:

Smartphones, especially those with SD cards, can be used as flash drives. Android users can easily transfer their files from a computer through a USB cable without the need for any additional file synchronization apps. The downside is that some infected files may be transferred to your phone, especially if you connect your phone to another person’s computer. Keeping your phone equipped with an active scanner can help reduce the risk of transferring infected files from your phone to your PC and vice-versa.


3.) They Have Remote Tracking and Data Wipe Functions:

One other important feature of mobile antivirus apps is the ability to locate your device in case of theft. Some can even wipe your information remotely. By having an antivirus app on your smartphone, you have another option in the off chance that Android’s own Device Manager doesn’t work.

Setting up the phone to respond to a simple password and synching the mobile app to your desktop antivirus will allow you to manage your device remotely. Giving your desktop app these remote privileges lets you track and delete sensitive information before it can be copied.

4.) You Can Get Backups of Your Data:

Wiping your data from your phone is only half of the problem. Getting all that information back is the other part. An antivirus app like Avast Mobile can help back up your files to a cloud service like Google Drive instantly. Once you manage to sync your new phone’s mobile antivirus app with your desktop version, you can then begin a file transfer to recover your information.

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*) Bonus Tip: Get An AdBlocker App:

While using apps, you may encounter popups that can trick users to download questionable apps into their smartphones. Getting an AdBlocker can lessen the risk of having these appear at an inconvenient time. There won’t even be any problems of ads that even force your phone to download installers that can potentially harbor malware.

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  3. Jerry says:

    Nice content about anit viruses in android phone. Actually I don’t use any anit virus in android phone but after reading your content I will surely install some anti virus app in my phone. Thanks for your article

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