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Is Your ECommerce Site Loading Slowly? Know The Facts…

Is Your ECommerce Site Loading Slowly? Know The Facts...

There is no doubt if I say that the current trend is digital trends. Today we are connected with internet while doing business, at the time communication and broadcasting advertisement or news. The online stores are not far enough. Now everyone mostly buys the products online. It is very convenient and comfortable, do save hassle of traffics and expensive time. Due to the indulgence of lots of innovation in high-end technologies developing the ECommerce store becomes very easy.

That leads many industries are shifting their store online. Although owning the superb and faster networking technology, many people experience the slow loading of E-commerce store and this is the reason that they sometimes skip the plan or book from different store which leads to financial loss and degrade the reputation of the organization. Here this blog presents the reasons behind the slow loading the online store and enable you to speed up the execution of the web store at the customer system.

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Ineffective Utilization Of Images:

Good themes and images present the quality E-commerce store which cannot be ignored. Using bad format for images, improper cropped images may lead to load web store slowly. Because graphics and images are the elements if not properly implemented that takes lots of time while loading on the client side and make them to abandon the site. Try to use the formats which are web friendly and edit the image size effectively so that customers can be attracted.

Using Lots Of Flashing And Pop-Ups:

High flashing animated images attracts lots of customers but they can’t tolerate the loss of time consumed during the loading of E-commerce site and pop up also annoy the customer in viewing the product. So use the minimum the flashing images and avoid the popup.

Is Your ECommerce Site Loading Slowly? Know The Facts...

Employing The Cheap Data Hosting:

Data hostage provides the administrating service to your site. This provides the memory space for loading the description about the products, hosting web page at the customer system. Using the bad the hosting service may sometimes lead to crashing of sight. It will be good for you to use the branded hosting service and one more aspect that is security architecture that can save your site from virus too.

Programming With Dynamic Script:

Some web developers use dynamic scripting. The dynamic scripts develop the web page at the time of calling. This method may sometimes waste the expensive time of the customer. It will be good if using the static page or pre built page. The dynamic page should only be considered which has very least traffic because it will minimize use the server space, hence the bill too. And try to improvise the session period and cashing memory to speed up portfolio management.

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External Plugin For Content Enhancing:

Implementing the external plug-in such as displaying videos, slide shows or any animation may take excessive time while site execution using the video plugins is not bad but don’t use it unnecessarily because it leads wastage of server space more over it take a lot of time.

Mismanaging Tag:

Improper use the tag also cost time for a web browser to understand the content and draw it according to the layout. Implement a tag properly and try to use the semantic coding that will assist the browser in rapidly executing the site.

Is Your ECommerce Site Loading Slowly? Know The Facts...

Minimum Utilization Of CSS And JavaScript:

Many developers feel good while programming at the server side scripting environment. But server side scripting takes lots of time because there is request/response chain that demands more time for execution so minimize the server side scripting and maximize the client side scripting system such as JavaScript and CSS.

Not Using Anti Spam Strategies:

Implementing captchas strategies will minimize the traffics towards the server hence improve the execution time. Deploy your site with captchas facility.

Huge Coding:

Huge coding is one of the prime reasons that most of the client computer takes lots of time while executing the web store. So implement the CSS and JavaScript coding and avoid using the inline functions and delete the white if any in the coding between lines of coding.

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Hope that you understand every point very clearly. This all points should not only be implemented in E-commerce store you can use all these concepts in any web site application. If you have any more ideas except all those mentioned then please share with the comment section given below. It will be appreciated.

About the Author:
David Meyer, a talented web developer at CSS Chopper which is the best Magento Integration services in India. His contribution to the building quality site is very appreciated.

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4 Responses to “Is Your ECommerce Site Loading Slowly? Know The Facts…”

  1. Gaurav Gupta says:

    Very nice steps given in blog.This wil be very useful for all those who are running eCommerce sites.

  2. Kathy Daunt says:

    It came across in a recent survey released in analyzing the ecommerce websites telling that if the site loads for more time 12 percent of visitors leave the site and 47% of visitors recommend their friends not to visit the site.
    So I strongly agree with the mismanaging tips and huge coding for websites concept.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Yes, Many Of User Including Me Didnt Like Soo Heavy Sites. Not Only ECommerece Site But All Sites Should Be Fast Thanks For Visiting Us…

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