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How Facebook Contests Can Drive More Business?

How Facebook Contests Can Drive More Business

It seems that these days, “social media” and “Facebook” are practically interchangeable, as the latter continues to fill the part of the 600 pound gorilla. If you have a business, whether a full fledged multiple employee enterprise or an at-home sole proprietor affair, establishing a Facebook presence is mandatory, particularly if you’ve decided that social media is an effective marketing tool. Of course, if you’re not convinced that social media is a good idea for drumming up more business, then it’s suggested that you get convinced quick.

But once you get a Facebook page setup for your business, what then? Do you simply join the massive ranks who chant “Like us on Facebook!”? Or do you try and do something to engage viewers, thereby increasing business? When considering ways of generating more traffic and consequently more business, consider the idea of holding contests on Facebook.

It Gets Readers Engaged:

By holding contests on Facebook, you draw people out of the passive and into the active mode. People have the chance of interacting with your business online, which helps them remember it easier. After all, which makes a bigger impression? Reading a site and clicking away from it to go elsewhere, or visiting a site and interacting with it?

It Makes You Look Good:

When you enter a contest sponsored by a company and you happen to win a prize, doesn’t that make you feel favorably disposed towards the sponsor? Of course it does! If your business sponsors a contest on Facebook and offers some nifty prizes, you can be certain that people will not only remember you, but also like you (and Like you, for the sake of Facebook completeness).

Contacts! Contacts! Contacts!

In the world of social media and e-commerce, getting customer contacts is key. So maybe you hold a contest and one of the prerequisites is that the reader must Like your company’s page. By doing this, you create an instant reader base that can receive news and updates about upcoming promotions, product releases, and sales.

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If you really want to be clever, the contest could be one where the biggest prize goes to the reader who brings in the most new contacts. Something like that is easily quantifiable and thus easy to judge, and boy will that expand your audience. Suddenly, you not only have all of those people Liking your page, you have their friends doing it too, and the buzz on your business continues to expand!

It Drives Traffic To Your Site:

In addition to a Facebook page, your business has its own website, right? Right? Please say “yes”. In any event, a Facebook contest is a great way to alert visitors to the existence of your website, and naturally there’s a convenient link to send people there.

In conclusion, remember this: any business can create a Facebook page, and yes, many do. What you need to set yourself and your company apart from the crowd is an element of fun, something that draws curiosity and interest, with the hint of a reward. Hold contests on your Facebook page, and begin building up a genuine loyal following.

About the Author:
John Terra has been writing freelance since 1985. A dedicated web fanatic, he’s done numerous reviews for publications such as Computer Shopper, and writes about everything from roof maintenance to personalities like David Kiger.

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