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An Overview About The Link Building Basics Trending In 2013

Link Building Basics Trending In 2013

What Is Link Building?

The link building is an art which can be defined as “The process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site.”

Importance Of links…!!!

Well, it is not a tough job to understand the importance of links, it can be considered as ‘votes’. Votes for the web pages is directly proportional to the web page rankings. Which means the more votes you get to your web page, higher the rankings will be for the same. But here all the votes are not equal, they should be the quality ones, never mind if they are few in numbers.

Five Things Google Gives Importance While Presenting The Results :-

  • Naturality: It refers to that how naturally the links are created or the link building process is carried on, and this can either make or break your site if not conducted properly.
  • Relevancy: This depends on the overall content of the site which Google picks out after the query has been searched by the user.
  • Quality: Quality and authentic content or link is must for your site which should be trustworthy, interesting and on which the visitors can rely.
  • Quantity: Quantity of content and the links both holds equal value on the site.
  • Frequency: It holds a great value, with which your site receives promotion which includes links and content-posting.
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Link Building Basics Trending In 2013

Link Building Statistics: What Platforms SEO Use Most?

  • The Content marketing platform has been allotted 50% priority which includes press releases, blogs, articles and many more
  • Social Media platforms accommodate 20% of shares which consists of the forums and bookmarking.
  • Local niche sites have been given 10% of shares because they are time consuming and difficult to locate.
  • Geo relevant local sites are allotted with 10% priority which includes local pages, yellow pages and local business directory.
  • Lead generation platforms has been given only 10% of shares as it costs higher amount and are very premium.

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Following Things Changed After Panda And Penguin :-

Panda and Penguin came up with new and very strict rules for spamming in SEO.

  • Importance of social links increased.
  • Quality content is must.
  • Introduced new criteria for identifying natural links.
  • Proposed strict rules for link building for selecting sites.

Link Building Basics

Following Factors To Be Considered For Successful Link Building In 2013 :-

  • Consider focusing social links.
  • Do not get too much into High PR and Authority.
  • Geo relevant sites must be given high importance.
  • Focus more on Traffic value rather than Link value.
  • Build Controlled experiments.
  • Do not create fake Links which looks natural.
  • Always be prepared for a change and accordingly shift your strategy.
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Thus, link building is very challenging to perform for SEOs, and very critical to success as well. It does need proper budget, creativity and patience. Well, SEO Firm in London is an experienced firm for all of the above points which I discussed above and will prove you a great help in order to perform perfect SEO for your website.

About the Author:
Angella Peterson is an avid writer and enthusiast and our respected Guest Writer. Currently she is working in a SEO Firm in London as a web content developer.and also sharing her experience here with us.

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