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Awesome Vertical Animated Recent/Latest Post Widget For Blogger

Vertical Animated Latest Post widget is a small widget that will show your Recent or Latest posts in an animated view that one popst will come and the last will be hide in awesome effect so your widget size will be same but posts will keep changing and it will attract your readers to click […...

Multi-Label Posts From One Blogspot RSS Feed Using JavaScript

Its Time To Get Your One Blog Posts Of Different Labels Using One Code Only Then Use Multi-Label Posts From One Blogspot RSS Feed Using JavaScript Code Snippet That Is Fully Optimized....

Blogger Latest-Recent Posts With Full Features

Blogger Latest Posts is now a trending widget in Blogger. Blogger Recent Posts are important to show that what your posted just now. Blogger Latest Posts widgets can increase your page views and also be good for your SEO....

Fetch Data From Blogger Feed Using Pure JavaScript

Like every blog, Google Blog’s have there own Feed that can be called by many ways for your work. You can get the data from blogger feed means blogs and can use it anywhere. It is built for the purpose of Fetching Data From Blogger Feed. You can use many languages to Fetch Data From […]...

How To Use Parameters In Google Blogspot Blog Feed?

This post presented for me to understanding the “Query Parameters in Blogspot Feed”. As we know, the URL to get feed items of our blog is You can review this feed after as my blog feed :

Simple And Plain Latest Comment List For Blogger

Latest Comment List For Blogger is now a popular widget for bloggers to show off there quality readers views to upcoming readers to attract them. Latest Comment List For Blogger can show your new readers that what the previous reader lefat and on which post. This Latest Comment List For Blogger will...

Latest Comment List With Author Image And Comment Link

Latest Comment List is a important widget for Blogspot user to show their next upcoming visitor that the last visitors on this blog leavse the comments on these posts via showing a Latest Comment List in your side bar so they will get intrest that what the last one write and where so they will [&hel...