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Types Of Smartphone Chargers And Their Importance For A Smartphone User

How long you can use your Smartphone laptop without charger? Your answer would be one day maximum. Yes, that’s true because smartphones draw battery power quite quickly and the user needs to charge his phone again to keep his phone active. We daily use our phones and other portable electronic devices, but never think about how the chargers work and how many types’ chargers are available in the market.

Nowadays, technological advancement in mobile technology is providing users with many perks. You can try new kind of chargers, which can fully charge your Smartphone within 30-40 minutes. Such chargers are called quick chargers. Similarly, there are many variations of chargers available in the market, which is explained below.

Standard Mobile Chargers:

The chargers you get with your Smartphone are the normal mobile chargers. Every Smartphone company provides mobile chargers and other accessories like headphones and covers with their smartphones. Mobile chargers are essential for your phone, but they take too much time in charging the Smartphone. You cannot expect full charging of a dead mobile, if you have only 30 minutes. In such situation you need to check other charging options. The charger you have got with your Smartphone can hardly 50% charge the Smartphone within 30 minutes. Off-course, that’s not too pleasing that’s why electronic companies have invented other options.

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Portable Chargers:

Low battery or no battery, portable chargers always prevent your smartphones from dying. Off-course, it is frightening to imagine one hour or a whole day without using Smartphone, especially when you are on a tour and there is no electricity supply around you. Only portable chargers can provide charging in such situation. These portable chargers are known as power banks. Many electronic brands are providing power banks of different capacity. You can choose an appropriate one that can actually charge your Smartphone twice.


Car Chargers:

Car chargers are quite popular among people for many years. Actually, every person buys one when he buys a new car. The car chargers also offer you portable charging option, when you are traveling in the car. You cannot say that car chargers are better than power banks because these are useful only when you are inside the car and the car is on. Once you are out of the car, you cannot get charging support from the car chargers. So, you should consider it as a good alternative of power banks for portable charging.

Quick Chargers:

When it comes to charge the Smartphone faster, you have no better choice than quick chargers. Te quick chargers reduce time taken for charging the Smartphone and completely charge the phone within 30-40 minutes. However, it also depends on which kind of charger you are using. There are companies that claim to provide quick chargers which not only charge the phones quickly, but also provide your phone with longer battery life. Smartphone companies are looking forward to provide users with much better charging options. Soon you can see some more alternatives for your Smartphone.

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All the above mentioned types of chargers are widely used by Smartphone users. Mostly people use standard mobile chargers because they think there is no need to buy power bank or quick charger. People experience problems and then realize that how important a quick charger or power bank is. You should always carry a power bank with you in your bag or purse (if you are a girl). Too much use of social networking apps, gaming apps and video playing apps can draw battery power quickly. You find yourself in trouble, when there is no charging point. Let’s carry your charging point in pocket and keep a quick charger at home to charge Smartphone faster.

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