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3 Things About Cybersecurity And CRM You May Not Have Known

Filing cabinets and rolodexes are fast turning out to be obsolete when it comes to stacking up customer data these days. Thanks to customer relationship management or CRM solutions, businesses can now store critical customer information on cloud servers that can be accessed from any remote location and at any given time.

Nonetheless, the most common threats for the data keyed into a CRM system include data loss due to server breakdown and security breach via data thefts. As we know that enterprises all over the globe are enduring from the menace of cyberattacks in the form of ransomware, malware, cyber hacks, etc., it is high time we ponder about cybersecurity in CRM when it comes to securing and protecting customer data.

What You Should Know About Cybersecurity And CRM?

With CRM solutions turning out to be an increasingly essential business tool used by a huge number of organizations worldwide across a wide number of industry verticals, it has become a sweet target for hackers and malware threats. The most common threats looming over CRM data include security breaches and server breakdowns. In case of server breakdown, running data backups can certainly save the day, whereas security breaches on the other hand call for robust security layers within your CRM software.

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Here is a quick rundown on some features that a CRM solution should have for optimum data security:

1.) App Access:

Data stored on a cloud CRM software is accessible to its users 24 x 7 through the World Wide Web. However, cybersecurity experts suggest using an app, since it is proven to be one of the smartest and secure ways of accessing your CRM software solution and the data it contains. Yes, we are talking about app-based CRM systems here that assure user-friendly navigation, seamless integration with third party enterprise applications and improved system efficiency while ensuring optimum safety from possible data violations and breaches, which are quite common in external browsers.

2.) Mobile CRM App Shouldn’t Compromise On Data Security:

Mobile CRM is unarguably the coolest thing that has happened to the entire CRM ecosystem. It offers instant access to critical customer data on the run, but we simply cannot overlook the fact that it is also the most sensitive of platforms when we talk about data security. Access to CRM data or a looming cyber threat when in offline mode is unfortunately the biggest loophole for mobile CRM solutions. Nonetheless, organizations always have the option of customizing security patterns for mobile devices in an attempt to make the data unavailable in offline mode. This would greatly help in securing your CRM data via robust firewall and remote security layers.


3.) Data Sharing/Access Rights:

As one can customize CRM software to provide data access according to his/her preferences, it can also be customized to provide access to duplicate and share data. Long story short, while users can use the software for their daily and routine tasks such as viewing analytics, creating sales reports, etc., you can customize the software to bar a specific group of users or departments from sharing, copying or downloading the data it contains. This allows reaping maximum benefits of a CRM solution without hindering with its actual purpose and essence.

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This is why customization is undoubtedly the most prominent aspect of modern day CRM systems. Be it a custom-made system that caters to specific industry needs to app-based access, you get it all. However, access to data is still one of the preeminent features that allows you to control where, when and who can access the data and how much of it. Now when we talk from security’s viewpoint, this can go a long way to customize sensitive or confidential customer data access across specific designations, departments or platforms.


History says it all, every technological advancement or achievement brings with itself a streak of threats and loopholes, which is security threat in the case of CRM solutions here. Yes, a potential security attack on your CRM system can incur irreparable damages and loss of revenue to your business. Luckily, today we have well-equipped and advanced CRM systems catering organizations with insightful data pertaining to their customers on the go eventually helping them win more business and retain as well as gain more customers.

Anwar ShaikhAbout the Author:

Anwar Shaikh writes about CRM software solutions, cloud technology and enterprise technology tools such as CRM, ERP, etc. A self-made writer, Anwar writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cost-effective enterprise management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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