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How To Choose Right Template For Your Website?

Despite the fact that launching and running a website is more tricky nowadays than before (with more tools and intricate coding methods out there), more people are able to create their own websites. Sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it? There is a wide array of website templates on the internet, and you shouldn’t be a skillful designer or developer to build a website for your business. So, what you need to consider while choosing the right template for you website?

1.) Content Of Your Website:

If your website is going to be focused on photos, for instance, your pages should be open, without textboxes and links. In short – be frugal with text and generous with open spaces. On the other hand, if you want your website to be content-oriented, you’d better pick a standard three-column page. Text elements will give you a room to write your blog posts, while you can insert a visual element to illustrate your content.

2.) Time And Energy Resources:

Plan ahead how much time and effort you are going to put into building your website. Some  templates are almost fully-built, so all you need to do is to slightly modify the text, change a few images, and voila – the website is ready! However, if you opt for more customization- you should be ready for more work.


3.) Browser Compatibility

It’s critical to customize your website design to different internet browsers. Your chosen template  may look enticing on one browser, and mediocre- on the other one. So, your choice should be the one which is compatible with most if not all browsers to give visitors a consistent look and feel. Besides, you should consider mobile internet users’ affinities, too- many people browse the sites on their smartphones more often than on their PCs now. That’s why your website should look appealing on the mobile devices as well, the template being mobile-friendly as well.

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4.) Color Palette:

Color is most important when it comes to building your website. The color combination of your website will help build your online presence so take your time to choose it carefully. Perhaps, choosing a color matching your brand and logo will quite well-grounded. Begin with one color that best conveys your business ideology and mission: for instance, it may be the most prominent color in your logo. Then bring in two more colors which match with the main one. Ideally, the color design should give your website a harmonious look.

One of the best strategies for influencing clients’ perceptions is tricolor psychology. You should be well aware of the effects that particular colors have on perceptions. For instance, yellow and red are used to evoke excitement, while blue-white-gray palette is calming. Decide on how you want customers to perceive your site and choose a color palette to this end.

Nowadays, hundreds of website templates are available on the worldwide web and it is quite simple to pick one and customize to your website. Just consider the above mentioned tips to choose choosing the right template. After selecting it, however, you need to check how it works, constantly improve it and learn how to use its features to the best advantage.

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12 Responses to “How To Choose Right Template For Your Website?”

  1. We should design our website according to every browser, it may seem good in one browser but in other it does not look good.

  2. Shiren Massey says:

    Thnks so much, It helps lot, Btw I read you’s Daily Writing Tips blog daily and have improved a lot. And I am still improving, Thank you.

  3. vinayak says:

    hi very nice post. the points which you have mentioned are very new.
    i didnt know of this. when it comes to selecting a template.

  4. Prime says:

    nice article
    choosing a template, is first most important step and you describe it brilliantly

  5. Prime says:

    This is very nice post.
    First and most important step is to choose template for your blog or website and you have explained this brilliantly.

  6. John Rowan says:

    I agree that colour is most important when choosing a website template. You have to make sure that it is not too brash or off putting. Thanks for your tips.

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