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How To Make Use Of RS Aggarwal To Do Well In Maths?

Mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects for any student throughout school life. It is the most scoring subject and yet the most disliked one by maximum students. As is said “Practice makes a man perfect”, so it applies to mathematics as well. Mathematics requires consistent practice and regular progress checks. With the correct guidance and resources, it will turn into an easy task from a dreaded and unwanted one.

The CBSE board follows two major books for maths from class 6 to class 12– NCERT and R S Aggarwal. NCERT textbook is the standard one that has to be followed at all costs by a CBSE student. R S Aggarwal is the supplementary book for maths recommended alongside NCERT. While NCERT clears the basics of the topics, R S Aggarwal helps in understanding all the features of the topic in detail with numerous examples and exercises. The book comes with solutions such as Linear Equations RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Solutions Ex 8A, at all the levels from class 6 to class 12.  Henceforth are a few tips on how to use R S Aggarwal to do well in maths:

Make Use Of RS Aggarwal To Do Well In Maths:

  • Clear the basic concepts from the NCERT book. Practice all the examples and questions from the NCERT first. After being acquainted with the concept and important formulas, move to R S Aggarwal for solving questions from it.
  • The most important and prominent feature of R S Aggarwal is that it has a lot of questions to solve which range from easy level to higher-order level. This will help students to gain confidence in solving all the types of questions of various difficulty levels.
  • The types of questions in R S Aggarwal range from a simple formula based questions to the application of the concept of the topic. It gives the student a chance to explore all the various types of questions that can be asked from a single topic ranging from easy to tough and higher difficulty levels.
  • R S Aggarwal is a prescribed textbook for maths from classes 6 to 12. Hence, every high school student must be familiar with the textbook. The textbook serves as a support system for the NCERT textbook. The solutions of questions not only carry the answer but also give an elaborate explanation of the method of solving the question and the correct and different ways of applying the formula in the same question.
  • Rs Aggarwal alone can be a very appropriate textbook for a student beginning to develop an interest in maths. The explanation of a topic in the book is very simple, with to the point details and just the appropriate formulas and some simple tricks. Beginning to study from this book can help a student gain basic information about the topic through the explanation and the examples which include step by step details of the methodology of solving the question and also the various other ways in which a single question can be solved.
  • A student can use R S Aggarwal as it is the foremost guiding book when studying maths. Following R S Aggarwal right from class 6 will help students to gain the correct basics of a topic and further move towards the complex sub-topics included in it.

For example, when is a student in class 6 studies the topic ‘Ratio and Proportion’ from R S Aggarwal and learns all the basic formulas and the method of solving questions in the topic, the student has a proper base for learning more application-based questions on the in further classes from class 7. This leads to a student gaining proper basic as well as application-based knowledge of a particular topic which will be of immense help in the further classes of his school studies.

  • R S Aggarwal serves as the best practice book for board students as questions from previous years’ board exams are also included in the book. Along with solving basic questions and application-based questions a student also gains experience in solving previous years’ questions which is very beneficial in board preparation. The proper explanation of the solution help students in remembering the various methodologies of solving questions.
  • Solving questions from R S Aggarwal will not only help us, students, in the regular practice of the subject but also help in gaining confidence for better performance in maths. The book is highly recommended by maths teachers as the bulk of questions and the quality of questions automatically e increase the solving ability e of a student and in turn better their practice in the subject.
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The book sometimes does not carry solutions within the same book, but rather a separate book of solutions is needed for it. However, in both cases, the difficulty level of the questions, as well as the quality and number of questions, do not differ. When a student starts solving questions from R S Aggarwal it may be difficult in the beginning because sometimes difficult questions are placed in the first order but solving them only increase the confidence and positive attitude in the student. The questions are framed according to the level of the students’ solving capacity. This means that if the same topic is in two simultaneous classes then the level of questions will differ according to the class and the difficulty level will increase at the higher level. The application-based questions not only help in solving the mathematical problems but also help in expanding the thinking capacity of a student by brainstorming the various methods in which a single question can be formed solved. Thus, solving R S Aggarwal becomes the most essential duty of a student in high school. For a proper basic knowledge of mathematical topics and the applicability of the topic, a student must solve R S Aggarwal to do well in maths.

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