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Top 5 Tips To Help You Ace Class 10 Board Exams

Board exams are undoubtedly one of the most important as well as stressful periods of a student’s life. Be it Class 10 or 12 board exams, students are always under pressure and overwhelmed by their studies. Class 12 students have some experience with board exams, and can therefore plan out their study schedules fairly easily. However, Class 10 students who have never gone through the process of board exams often find themselves at a loss concerning planning, structuring, and going about their studies. Learning how to study is an important tool that will stay with students throughout their lives.

1.) Find A Place To Study:

While the classroom provides a dedicated space for learning, students often struggle with studying effectively at home. Students who are used to studying in a room full of people, or while sitting in front of the TV screen will never be able to reach their full potential, as they are always distracted. It is always a good idea to seek out a quiet spot in the house for studying, as this will allow students to concentrate fully on what they are studying. Alternatively, students tend to sit in front of their books with their phones in hand, which is extremely counterproductive. Students who feel attached to their phones can switch them off, or even hand them over to a family member for a certain amount of time, to ensure a notification-free study zone. Eliminating various distractions will help students increase the amount of time they actually spend studying.

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Additionally, students who are in the habit of studying in bed are unable to study and recall information as effectively as students who have a separate workspace. This happens because the brain associates the action of studying with a particular location, ie. the study table, and the action of sleeping with another location, ie. the bed. If a student combines these two, mixed associations are formed and the brain considers study time to be a period for resting.

2.) Keep An Eye On Deadlines:

While students are typically very vigilant when it comes to the dates and times of the final board exams, they should also be on the lookout for different deadlines throughout the academic year. Students need to submit their assignments on time, as this can have an impact on their internal marks. Apart from that, students need to be careful when it comes to the submission of exam forms, collecting admits cards, etc. Forgetting something as crucial as the deadline of submitting an exam form can have major consequences, which is why students should always keep a note of upcoming submission dates and deadlines in a diary or notebook.


3.) Set Goals For Yourself:

The CBSE syllabus for Class 10 board exams is quite vast and can become frustrating to study. Since students are required to study multiple subjects, they should keep track of their progress in each one. Students should have a record of both- what has been done in the classroom, and how much they have studied by themselves. A list like this will help students in determining their short-term and long-term goals for that academic year. While students would have a long-term goal of scoring top marks in the board exams, it is a far-off prospect that might fizzle out halfway through the year. It is therefore important to create short-term goals that, when achieved, will make the student feel proud and accomplished. By rewarding themselves once they reach a short-term goal, students can ensure that they are motivated and enthusiastic to learn throughout the academic year.

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4.) Test Yourself:

While studying new material is an essential component of exam preparation, it is equally, if not more important, for students to test themselves periodically. Students will be able to pinpoint what they are good at, and what they are struggling with only after attempting to solve question papers. Students can challenge themselves by using CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 to create an exam-like simulation that will force them to complete an actual exam within the given duration. Students can then check and if necessary, correct their answers with the help of the solutions provided with the question paper. Since all the question papers since 2007 are made available to the students, they will be able to get in a considerable amount of exam practice.

5.) Be More Confident:

Lack of confidence is one of the biggest hurdles that students face on the path to performing well in Class 10 board exams. When faced with the unfamiliar prospect of board exams, some students tend to crumble under the pressure and become unsure and withdrawn. This results in them doubting themselves and their abilities, making it harder for them to understand new concepts and study by themselves. They find it difficult to approach their teachers and friends for help, which means that their doubts and queries remain unanswered, causing them to lag behind in their studies. These confidence issues also impact their performance in the board exams, as they keep second-guessing their understanding of the subject and the answers to exam questions. If students can keep their heads held high, they will find it easier to navigate through the complexities that come with Class 10 board exams.

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While these are some of the most useful habits a student can get into, other things may help students study more effectively for Class 10 board exams. For example, improving the speed of both reading and writing can result in learning faster, and during exams, being able to understand questions and answer them faster. Additionally, knowing how and when to take breaks while studying is a very delicate balance that students are often unable to figure out. Taking short breaks between study sessions can freshen up the mind and prepare it for what’s to come. Spending time with friends and family is also something many students overlook, as they fail to realize that such activities can provide a significant mental boost.

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