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How To Score Full Marks In Class 2 Maths Exam?

The 2nd standard is considered to be the crucial stage in education for kids. It is generally the second stage of their sophisticated and developed studies. Class 2 is the stage at which a child gets exposed to extensive learning, which is completely different and advanced from their playful days at kindergarten. Thus, at these stages, it is quite important for the students to be a little more attentive towards their child’s learning needs.

Also, it is necessary to ensure that the student of class 2 does not face many difficulties with their studies and properly move ahead with their regular studies, be it classwork or homework. In class 2, the students become quite capable of learning things at their own pace, thus it is a must to provide them with the best study materials. There are many workbooks available, which are quite beneficial in keeping the students engrossed in them, as these workbooks are fun to do.

Highlighting the syllabus for class 2, it is generally prepared by the CBSE officials and thus NCERT textbooks are better options for preparing the course of class 2, as they are based on the guideline of CBSE. The subject of mathematics for class 2 includes the chapters on basic concepts of Numbers, shapes, date, time, etc. Thus, the Class 2 Math NCERT Book is a good option for studying Class 2 mathematics.

Thus it is necessary to make sure that the students of 2nd standard enjoy what they are reading and also develop their thinking ability properly as this will define their development and is also necessary for their promotion to further classes.

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The subject of mathematics tends to improve the problem solving and reasoning abilities of a child. It is basically a discipline of science which comprises the means of counting and measuring values along with ascertaining shapes of objects.

The NCERT textbooks, which are developed and introduced by the National Council of Education, Research and Training, are available for the class2 students which are helpful to them as they explain the basic concepts in a lucid manner.

So, the best option to prepare for the class 2 examinations is to study from the math magic book class 2, which promises to expand their knowledge.

It is generally a tough process of teaching kids about the concepts of maths, but an interactive process tends to be helpful to overcome this challenge. The NCERT publishes textbooks as well as workbooks which includes many fun-to-do exercises, thereby making the process of learning a fun thing to do.

Thus NCERT has been the best educational guide for the students of every class, as they present the topics much more interactively. Thus, the NCERT textbook of mathematics for class2 is a better guide for the students to get a clear concept about the maths chapters as well as get their basics of maths much stronger.

Moreover, there are some strategies which are found to be beneficial for the students of class 2 while preparing for their maths exam as well as the other subjects. Some of these are:


Table of Contents

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1.) Have A Proper Study Time-Table:

It is necessary to ensure that the students have a proper study regime, which they should follow for every subject and so for mathematics. The timetable should be prepared in such a manner that all the subjects get enough revision. Thus, it will help a student to get clear concepts about the chapters of every subject.

2.) Referring To Proper Study Materials:

The National Council of Education, Research and Training prepare textbooks for every standard, by the guidelines of CBSE. The NCERT textbooks as well as the workbooks which are available for the class 2 students are prepared in accordance with the level of development of the students so that they can easily grasp the concept as well as have a crystal-clear understanding of every topic.

The Class 2 Maths NCERT Book prepared by the NCERT is helpful for the students of class 2, which emphasizes the presentation of the topics in a crystal clear manner, as well as making the students do enough practice with the help of the numerical exercise.

3.) Regular Revision Is Necessary:

As being said, “Revision is the key to success”; it is necessary to ensure that students have regular practice of solving the maths numerical as well as study the theory concepts more often. Regular revisions will help the class2 student to grasp the concepts pretty well, and also analyze the pattern of the question as it will help them during the examinations.

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4.) Get Some Physical Exercise:

As the class 2 student is still in the development stage, it is necessary to let them play along while keeping focused on their studies. Getting physical exercise will help the child in keeping his health healthy and would also keep him fit and energized, which is good for keeping his mind active during study hours.

5.) Proper Guidance Is Necessary:

The students of class 2 must pay attention to their classes in school, as this will help them understand the concepts more clearly. Also, homework should be given regularly as it will help them to recall everything that had been taught in class. If a child faces difficulties with his/her studies, be it maths or any other subjects; it is the responsibility of their parents to guide them and also help them in the areas where they face problems.

Thus, a child from class 2 must be provided with the important necessities that he/she has regarding their studies and academic performance. Also, parents must ensure that their children are provided with proper nutritious food, as it will help them grow by providing the essential nutrients required and also keep them healthy. Class 2 is a crucial stage of a child’s educational journey which tends to form the foundation of every other standard followed. Hence, it is necessary to focus on getting the concepts crystal-clear and be able to perform well in their examinations.

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