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Web Design Trends For Ecommerce In 2018

The ecommerce industry has taken the online world by storm. By 2020, it is predicted that the ecommerce sales will reach $27 trillion or more. 2017 has been quite an interesting year, especially for the ecommerce website designing industry.  There are a large number of trends that have emerged in the last year and are widely used in a number of websites.

Consequently, these innovative strategies of web design have resulted in the increase of the website traffic and the overall rates of conversion for many businesses. What is to see is whether 2018 will stick to these or will bring about new trends to follow in the web designing domain!

Here an attempt is made to bring to light some of those trends that will be relevant and popular this year. 

Flat Design: A No No:

In the year 2018 the UX trends can again go against the flat design. The meticulous visual affordances in the user interface across the board are said to make a comeback this year. As early as in the 2014s, experts were doubting whether flat designs were already a passé and in 2018 people are again talking about gradients and drop shadows. Research has revealed that users took about 20-25 percent more time for navigating through the ultra-flat designs.

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Voice-Activated User Interfaces/Actions:

Voice Activated Interfaces (VUI) are already in vogue today as people talk to Amazon’s Alexa, Ok Google, Cortana or Siri. They are already accustomed to using vocal commands to communicate with their devices. Now this trend can penetrate into the ecommerce industry. You may not have seen voice activated online stores just yet but the trend can come to existence this year or the next couple of years. The reason behind this is that customer behaviour creates a major impact on every industry and for that, industries are willing to adapt to any new technology. VUIs have become overtly popular during the last few years. You will soon come across similar technologies take over the prominent areas of interest like ecommerce industry which is one of the most popular shopping category nowadays.


Subtle Effects Of Scrolling:

Many designers have realised that parallax scrolling has negative impact on the usability and it has very slow load times and this is too high a price for any website to pay. But that does not mean that it is unable to trigger joy among the users. You can attach a background image to the website that does not scroll along with the page. This is another example that you can see in the digital advertising arena in 2018. This format offers positive vibe to the users as they can control the revelation and the disappearance of the ad and as a result, it does not become as irritating as it may seem otherwise.

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Guided Selling:

When buying online there are a plethora of options that the customers can choose from. Herein comes the guided selling option which is nothing but a guide that is interactive and helps customers make their purchasing decision. The interactive questionnaires contain the targeted questions with the help of which they come to know about the customer needs. As the customer answers questions the guide provides and explains the various options and educate the customers with the choices that suit their needs.

Dedicated Mobile App And Mobile-Friendly Design:

Research has revealed that there is a massive increase in the smartphone usage over the past few years. This implies that ecommerce businesses are not in the position of ignoring such a channel. In 2018 if you need to succeed as a seller you must upgrade the ecommerce website to a mobile-friendly version that will allow the huge group of people to shop easily at your online store. If you have the budget then you can create a mobile app. At the same time you can keep your customers engaged through visual content and push notifications that can be displayed through the app.

Opt For More Video Content:

Though the video contents are nothing new or ingenious but they will be on the top criteria for the ecommerce sites. For eliciting emotions and story-telling there is nothing better than the usage of videos. Moreover, they can also explain complex ideas more vividly and clearly and have a better chance of convincing the customers for making a purchase. You should not think of videos as elements that are inserted in the web page.  Videos can be used as hero images, backgrounds or part of the inventive scrolling experience. But make sure you do not overuse videos as it is very easy to do that which can reverse the desired impact and can wreak havoc on your ecommerce site.

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The above are some of the web design trends for ecommerce in 2018 as suggested by the expert team of professionals in the reputed company of web design in San Francisco that has carved out its own niche in this industry by its quality service and unparalleled customer support.

Deepanshu SahniAbout the Author:

Deepanshu Sahni is a web design and digital marketing aficionado working in a reputed company of web design in San Francisco who helps to create a lucrative and engaging website for brands and guides them with the efficient planning and implementation of digital marketing strategies so that their websites’ rankings and visibility can be enhanced. Apart from that, he is also a prolific blogger whose endeavour has always been to provide valuable information through his writings so that the readers get answers to the question lurking in their minds for a long time.

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