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How To Extract Email Addresses Using Notepad++?


Having a file, for example, an extraction from your mailbox, and you want to extract only the email addresses? Using Notepad++ and simple regular expression, that’s pretty simple. See below a full example, or, to summarize, open your file, use the below regexp to find email addresses, add line breaks before and after each of them, and then mark the lines containing an email address and delete the unmarked lines.

Given the following text file as input, there are 3 easy steps to follow so that you can extract all email addresses contained inside the text.

How-To-Extract-Email-Addresses-Using-Notepad++-1 Text containing email addresses

1st Step – Find Email Addresses Using Regex Match:

Use the find & replace feature of notepad++

This adds and new line before and after each email address as shown below.

How-To-Extract-Email-Addresses-Using-Notepad++-3 Email address in a new line

Step 2 – Mark Email Addresses And Bookmark Lines

have “Bookmark Line” checked.


Step 3 – Remove Unmarked Lines

Search > Bookmark > Remove Unmarked Lines

How-To-Extract-Email-Addresses-Using-Notepad++-5 Remove unmarked lines in Notepad++

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    This worked perfectly and saved me a lot of time!
    Thank you very much 🙂

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