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6 Social Media Tricks You MUST Have Up Your Sleeve

There is a heck of a lot of advice about social media out there. Sure, some of it is good, but a lot of it is simply hogwash, with people just trying to fill pages and draw in visitors. Often that makes things difficult, as none of us have time to read all of it. We’ve got companies to run, the website of our own to manage and (often admittedly only a distant third) lives to live.

And so, today we’re going to give you a list of what we think are the MUST have tricks, so that once you’ve read these you don’t need to read any more of these kinds of articles for a while. And then you can stick that extra time on your site, you company or (gasp) your life.

Sign Up For Multiple Social Media Accounts With One Gmail Address:

There is a little-known trick with your gmail account, where you can add a plus and any word to the end of your address (as in the bit before the ‘@’ sign) and it will still get sent to your address.

So if your address is ‘’ (and I hear they are) then you could also tell people your gmail address is ‘’ and the email would still arrive in your email account.

Cool, right? So, how do you use that with your social media? Well, if you’ve got to create multiple accounts but don’t want to spend your time making new addresses, then just use these addresses! They’re all yours.

As an added bonus, all the updates would still arrive in that one gmail account and (as the cherry on top) you can see which account it came from simply by checking which extension the email came from.

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Nice, right? Okay, so what’s next?

The Twitter Daisy Chain:

Sometimes, life is more complicated than 140 characters, while at other times you need more than that to run a successful twitter marketing campaign. Well, I’ve got good news for you. It’s not just possible, it’s actually surprisingly easy to extend your character limit.

How do you do it?

Well, type along as you usually do and when you’re a few characters from your limit, hit the triple dot (like this ‘…’). And then the next step, which is a bit intricate (if you were born before 1950 anyway). You hit…. Reply!

Yup, that’s it. Just hit reply, delete the self-mention at the beginning as that makes it look like you’re talking to yourself, type in another three dots to signify that your story continues and keep right on going. The continuation will appear right below your first message and you’re ready to (keep) go(ing).


Share For Share (S4S):

Okay, some social media companies might actually frown upon this practice, as it might infringe on some of their (many) conditions, so perhaps don’t broadcast too openly that you’re doing this kind of thing.

That said, you should definitely look into it!

The idea is very simple. You find companies that have a similar (but not the same) niche as your own and you agree to share what they’re putting up along with a reference tag if they’ll do the same for you. If you’ can get this kind of agreement going with a number of companies who actually post high-quality content, then you benefit twice over!

For one thing, you’ll get access to their networks, so that people that follow them will know about you as well. For another, you’ll have good content to share with the followers you already have – that’s win-win people!

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Ban Words To Restrict Trolling:

Facebook has a filter system, where comments that have certain words in them are hidden from the general public but still go up for the person who posted it and their friends. This is a great technique to prevent the trolling of some of your fans, by people that enjoy that kind of thing.

The trick is, what words do you ban? Well, you could certainly try for name-calling words (like ‘moron’ for example). But what I’ve found works exceptionally well is to focus on punctuation.

You see, people that are trying to pick fights and insult others often (or are simply immature) seem to use punctuation a little differently from your average audience. The former, for example, will often use a double or triple exclamation mark (the ‘!!’ or ‘!!!’), while your more respectful follows will probably feel that they can make do with just one.

And so, simply add those to your list and you’ll avoid a lot of angry flaming fights.

Adding GIFs To Twitter:

A good GIF can attract a lot of attention, as people know they only last a few seconds and because they move can still draw a lot more eyes than a simple image. It isn’t that hard to do, either. All you need to do is hit the ‘GIF’ button on both your desktop or mobile devices.

Now all you need to do is figure out which GIF to add, but that’s something I’m going to have to leave to you to figure out! It obviously depends on a great deal on your audience and what you’re trying to achieve.

Get The Right Influencers:

A lot of people talk about getting the right influencers, but do you actually know how to do that? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Find the top websites where your audience hangs out. A good way to find a few of these is by looking at what sites refer a lot of traffic to your site. Note that this is not the only way to get influencers, but these will be quite easy to get as these are influencers that are already saying good things about you.
  • Create a list and figure out what you want from these influencers. There are really three options. You can
    • Leave the influence be (as in, you don’t think they could push your interests, their interest will only be fleeting and like the mayfly, they will soon fade away).
    • Or perhaps you want to partner up with them, where you boost them and they do the same to you.
    • Finally, you want to look to purchase their interest. If these are micro-influencers this can be incredibly cheap, as often these sites don’t really know how to monetize themselves yet.
  • And then you reach out to them in accordance with what you decided. Just using this simple strategy to know what you want to do with who will already allow you to have a concentrated strategy that is far more effective.
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Last Words:

And with these simple hacks, tips and strategies you’ll be in a much better position to make the most of your social media, draw in far more visitors and significantly amplify your online presence. Now, what is there not to like about that?

Good luck and good posting!

Janet AnthonyAbout the Author:

Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City and content writer at PapersBoard who has been writing professionally for five years now. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”.

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