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Significant Graphical Design Pointers For Non Designer

Are you a non-designer but got into a situation where you have to create graphic designs? It can get you into a tricky situation if you are a digital marketer. After all, as a digital marketer, you have to get yourself equipped with designing skills. SEOs may have to design call-outs and banner ads, and entrepreneurs may have to build their websites. Also, professional social media users also have to design various creative elements for paid ads and organic posts. Therefore, having some significant knowledge about graphic designing is an important aspect to grasp. Hiring a professional Graphic Designer in Washington DC is also a good idea if you don’t want to create it yourself. But do you know that you can create professional-looking designs even without any training? Yes, it is a reality, and here is how you can create some compelling designs:

Befriend The White Space:

When we think of designing, the text and graphics steal all the attention. But do you know the blank space without the touch of texts and graphics plays a significant role? It actually allows your design to breath-in some life into the concept. By seeing the design, one can distinguish whether it’s the work of an amateur or a professional.

So what is white space or negative space? It is the area that remains vacant from designs and texts. Therefore all the areas around designs and texts are negative space irrespective of color, image, and patterns. You don’t want to overcrowd your design with lots of elements in one space.

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Stick To Easy-To-Read Fonts (Maximum Two-Three):

When it’s about choosing the right fonts, you would want to focus on readability over-dramatic font styles. If you use a well-decorated font in your design, it becomes hard to read, leading your design to fail. So, it is important to use fonts that are easily readable. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can use as many as fonts you wish to use on one design. No, always stick to two fonts or at most to three fonts.

Choosing a font that aligns with your message, tone, or voice is crucial. For example, a font that a food joint might use for digital marketing is most likely to differ from a tech company’s marketing campaign. Of course, after choosing your font, you can track, adjust the keening, leading to a more balanced design. Or else you can get a Graphic Designer in Washington DC if you find the task time-consuming.


Close Attention To Alignment Is Must:

For an amateur graphic designer, the main focus is on what to put in the frame. But for a professional designer will first see whether the alignment of each element is perfect. And that’s what separates a professional-looking design from an amateur one. Even though you are a non-designer, never align the elements with your eyes and guesswork. Therefore, you should use the design programs. After all, the design programs show grid lines, and so you see whether the elements are in alignment or not. In case your program doesn’t have any grid option, you can definitely add one. How? Just uploading a vector image of one grid and place it at the back of the elements. After placing all the elements maintaining the grid, delete it.

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Colors Impact Psychologically:

As you are crafting a color palette for your brand, the colors must reflect the brand’s tone. Here are a list of colors and what feelings they evoke psychologically:

  •         Purple: It creates feelings of mystery, abundance, and creativity.
  •         Pink: Youthfulness, romance, and femininity are reflected with pink.
  •         Blue: For evoking trust, safety, relaxation, and security, blue is the ideal color.
  •         Green: Green is the color of refreshment, health, and wealth.
  •         Yellow: If a color can speak about optimism and spontaneity, then it’s yellow.
  •         Orange: Orange color gives us the feeling of enthusiasm and energy.
  •         Red: Besides orange, red also represents energy along with passion.
  •         White: White represents cleanliness and purity with its purest form.
  •         Black: What color can speak for power, luxury, and sophistication than black?
  •         Grey: Show professionalism and gravity with the gray.

Keeping the feelings of your brand’s color palette is important while you create the design. That’s why you have seen most financial brands use the color blue in their brand logo as it evokes the feeling of security and trust, like PayPal, Chase, Visa, etc. Before designing, you must ensure what signal your customers should get and then decide on the colors. Maintaining color psychology on the brand’s logo and website design adds to the brand’s success. Are you unsure about deciding colors for graphic designs? Then a Graphic Designer in Washington DC can help you out.

Learn About Facebook’s Limitations On Text For Ad Images:

Are you creating a graphic for a Facebook advertisement? Then you have to be mindful of Facebook’s rule on using text. Facebook allows only 20% of text in the news feed as more text creates a distraction. Therefore, while creating designs for Facebook ads, always use less text to convey your message. You would want to save yourself from a headache later. Facebook has created Facebook Image Text Check, where you can run the design to ensure that it passes the test.

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Visual Component For Brand’s Style Guide:

Every brand must have an established style guide as it helps everyone to maintain the style and create designs that have consistency. So, what does the visual part of your brand’s style guide include? Dedicated fonts, fixed color palette, a brand logo with the colors from the color palette, and brand photos and assets for use in designs. The guide can’t be complete without relevant instructions. As a non-designer, you must know when to use a certain font, size, and color in the design you are creating. If you don’t feel like designing, Graphic Designer Washington DC is here to step up for you.


You have realized that even you are a non-designer, you can create a professional-like design. Just by implementing the design tips, you can influence your creations. Of course, professionals have years of practice, and they have learned through trial and error. So, when in doubt, it’s better to contact a Graphic Designer in Washington DC and do the job done.

Hermit ChawlaAbout the Author:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Spark Design. He would love to share thoughts on Top Graphic Designer Washington DC, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design, etc.

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