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Tips And Tricks To Gain More Twitter Followers

Why Twitter? This is a question asked repeatedly by businesses who are yet to come to terms with the impact of social networks. They should however know that.

  • More than 6 out of 10 US companies (with 100-plus employees) use the platform for marketing purposes
  • A good 19% jump in customer satisfaction is recorded by those companies that use this platform for customer service

Both the stats make one thing clear: your business can’t ignore major social sites in general, and Twitter in particular. Rewards are just too much to give them a miss.

Since each of these social platforms are unique in their own ways, you’ll need to come up with a platform-specific strategy to get favourable marketing and advertising results out of them.

Twitter is one of those social platforms you need to leverage. The easiest way is by winning more followers on the platform, which, obviously, will take some doing.

By the way, you can follow some tips and tricks to gain more Twitter followers for sure. Here are some of those. Have a look at them –

Table of Contents

1.) Make A Robust ‘Local’ Connection:

Local works big time on Twitter. Which means, if you’re a business, then you should maintain a robust local connectivity. So, you need to connect with one and all, locally, be it businesses, prominent people, government accounts or whatever. A follow back will happen for sure (even if even a fraction of them do respond, it will add a lot of followers for sure). Some of these accounts may share or retweet your posts or messages etc. to multiply the effect for sure.

2.) Start Mentioning Brands In Your Tweets:

Brands vie for attention. You should tap into this ‘fever.’ The easiest way is to mention brands in your tweets on a regular basis. The mentions should be relevant, neither over-the-top tributes to their products or services nor too subdued a word of praise. Rather, you can mention some aspect of their products or services (or blog about them and share its link mention the brand) and let the world know. This will surely get you some followers loyal to that particular brand.

3.) Participate In Marketing Initiatives By Brands:

It always pays to be an active participant in marketing initiatives by brands, particularly big ones. They keep doing surveys, question answers and similar things for brand building. This gives you a chance to connect with bigger brands and tap into their social network popularity, although fractionally. With replies, you boost the chance to win over some of fans and followers of that big brand. What’s more, you can catch the attention of some other players in direct competition with that brand.


4.) Be A Value Addition For Twitter Users:

Being a value addition has great advantage. It can win you more followers and admirers that you’d think. All you have to do is, share more blogs, more articles and more information with users. Be it your followers or those in other channels, you need to feed them with enrichment and entertainment through sharing of blogs and articles on a frequent basis. More so, you can be a content curator and let users, and brands also, find something really interesting to hold their attention and arouse their curiosity.

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5.) Join The On-Going Conversations:

Holding yourself back on Twitter won’t help. Rather, you should become more active on the platform to catch attention. The best strategy is to join on-going conversations and chip in with your point of view. You should join only industry-specific chit-chats to win relevant followers. Being nice is a given and what will really help are the gravity and depth of your comments. So, never chat up for the sake of it; do it when you really have something to share in the conversation.

6.) Mention Individuals With A Word Of Praise:

Somewhere someone always does some good work. You got to keep a tab of that. You have to make a list of achievers in the domain, and even outside of it as well, and start mentioning them in your tweets. You can shoot in a congratulatory message to them; heap praise on the good work they have done (for their book, their sporting feat, their newspaper articles, their winning of some awards etc.). This will surely win you some followers, if not thousands.

7.) Do RETWEET, Do LIKE And Do Reply More Frequently:

When on Twitter, you should do retweet regularly. You should do like for tweets that really interest you. Doing this will help you to some extent in winning followers. Similarly, you should leverage the potential of a reply as it can help you a lot. The best strategy while replying is to, mention all those handles in a single tweet to multiply the impact.

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In overall, you can follow these tips and tricks to win more followers on twitter.

Shubham GargAbout the Author:

Shubham Garg is an SEO and SMO specialist at Mind Digital Group with years of experience of the domain. He consults and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of Digital Marketing to help them with drive more traffic.

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