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Automate Your Home With These Advanced SmartPhone Apps 2018

It’s about time you let go of the outdated ways of the past, and step into the technological revolution of the 21st century. The dawn of this era is lined with groundbreaking inventions and thorough digital immersion. You can’t help but marvel at how a ten-hour activity is sloughed of its drudgery, and smoothly transitioned into a two-minute task, all because of technology.

For instance, take a look at today’s smartphones. They are sleek and stylish handheld devices, connecting you with everything and everyone all across the world in a matter of minutes. With a simple touch on their liquid display, you’re transported to far off places. With a single click, you get a thousand things done simultaneously. So it’s no wonder that this tech-gear would radically modify and amp up your home life as well. A smart home is the abode of the future, after all.

In the same sense, check out the following smartphone apps, as of 2018, which promise to automate your home with smart technology.

1.) August Home, And Automated Doors:

Imagine: after a particularly tiring day at work, you come back home, equipped with extra paperwork and your overly heavy briefcase. All you want to do is head over to your bed and fall asleep. But somehow, as you fumble for the tiny key, you realize that you’ve misplaced it. Now, you’re just standing there, gazing helplessly around for some way to get in. You so do not deserve this!

And this is precisely why you need August Home, which will always have your back when it comes to missing keys. Just set up the system in your home, install the app on your smartphone, and relax. With a simple touch on your smartphone’s screen, from anywhere and at any time, the front door will lock and unlock itself following your will. Brass keys? A thing of the past. In addition:

  • This app will allow you to create a virtual family dashboard, and give entry-access keys only to your close relatives.
  • Its sensor technology will detect your presence and automatically maneuver the front door so you don’t have to.
  • The high-definition camera in the doorbell will allow you to see very clearly whoever’s ringing your bell, and even enable you to have a two-way chat with the visitor.
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Get the app on Android and iTunes for free right now!

2.) Onswitch, And Smart Lighting:

You’re sitting on your couch, reminiscing about the great time you had on the tropical islands. Oh how you wish to relive that sunset moment! Or it’s in the middle of the night, and you wake up after a terrible nightmare, and wish for the darkness to disperse. What are you to do?

Let OnSwitch fulfill your wishes and stow away your worries! This wonderful app connects with Philips Hue & LIFX smart bulbs, and puts the whole lighting operation right in your hand. It comes with over 30 light settings, which can be enacted by the smart bulbs, depending on your choice. Just tap on a dreamy light setting on your smartphone, and see the bulbs in your room turn that into reality! Get the OnSwitch app from the Android Play Store or from iTunes. It comes with easy installation and a few simple in-app purchases.


3.) Ecobee4, And Optimized Indoor Temperature:

One of the major components of your home’s comfort factor is the indoor temperature. In scorching hot summers, it should be cool enough for you to easily move around your house without taking your sweaty clothes off in frustration. In snowy winters, it should be warm enough to keep you snuggling and happy. No matter the situation, the temperature of your house should be perfectly moderate, and it can be made so by a smart thermostat, which recognizes the outdoor temperature, then adjusts the indoor atmosphere accordingly. One such thermostat is the Echobee4, the latest in its collection, which can be operated by a smartphone app. This thermostat is:

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Houses the Geo-fencing feature. It pinpoints your location, sees if you’re away from home or not, and then dials down the heating/cooling settings to save energy consumption.
  • Comes with a wonderful interface, and a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the thermostat on your own.
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Regulate the temperature of your home with this app. Get it for free on both Android and iOS devices.

4.) Alfred, And Enhanced Field Of Vision:

Imagine: you have to make a run to the grocery store to get some supplies for dinner, and you have to leave your toddler alone with a teenage nanny, against your will. You have no choice. How are you to know what’s going on behind your back? You’re half-drenched with worry even thinking about it.

Fear not, because a smartphone app has got your back. It goes by the friendly name of Alfred Home Security Camera, and it is an efficient watch-keeper; your very own sentry. How are you to set it up? It’s time to take your old Android phone out of the drawer and use it as a camera. Install the app on both your old and new phone, setting up the old as a video recorder, and the new as the video viewer. Get the feed 24/7, remotely operate the device, utilize its motion detection feature and live cloud storage. See what that nanny is doing back home, even when you’re standing in a grocery store aisle.

5.) Gideon, And All-In-One Control:

There are so many apps for so many things around your house that your smartphone might come under danger of being cluttered, slowed down, and desperately overheated. This is something you do NOT want, because your smartphone is like a remote control for your smart house. If it dies down, then there’s just no use of updating your home wirelessly, is there?

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So why don’t you ask for help from our artificially intelligent friend, Gideon. This app, available only on iOS devices, is like a central controlling unit for all the other smart home apps out there. It is compatible with most automation systems, like Belkin, Insteon, Lifx, and more, along with automated assistants like Alexa. It’s a unifying dashboard, which lets you maneuver all the systems in the house on-the-go. All you need to do is download it for free from iTunes, and you’re good to go.

Homes are becoming not only smarter, but safer too, thanks to advanced systems like Vivint security and these aforementioned home security apps.

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