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5 Tips To Create Better Content For Your Site

Are you writing content but not getting a good response from your audience?  Wondering how to go about creating content that’s credible and engaging?  Not sure what qualifies as ‘good content’ for a site?

If you are like a lot of site owners out there you are looking for ways to create better content for your site.  Content that is engaging draws your audience in while at the same time making your site more credible. This article will take you through 5 tips that will help you create better content for your site.

1.) Research

Great content takes both time and effort on your end.  Research for your article takes a great deal of both, but is worth it in the end.  Great content is more than just great writing.  It’s knowing the facts.  Not opinions.  Facts!

Start training yourself to always be in ‘research’ mode every time you are perusing the web.  This will help to generate amazing ideas for content, while at the same time giving you a valuable asset…the facts!

A great rule of thumb when it comes to including research in your article is to include several sources throughout each content piece.  However, be sure that your source is reputable before including it into your content.

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2.) Answers

‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’ are all questions that your audience is looking for when they read content.  Depending on your content, you may not need to include answers to all of these questions.

However, you should use this as a guideline while writing your content.  By doing so your readers will be more interested and engaged.

Your answers that you provide for your readers questions can also act as an aid to creating actionable content.  By providing answers to the questions ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, and ‘Why’, you are then able to provide them with the further answer of ‘So What?’, or ‘So [action you wish the reader to make]’.

Actionable content is a great way to keep your audience engaged while at the same time getting your audience to ‘shop’, ‘join your mailer’, ‘donate to a charity’, or whatever ‘action’ you wish them to make.


3.) Unique:

When creating content for your site, think outside of the mold.  Don’t jump on the bandwagon bus each time a hot topic is on the horizon.  Instead, brainstorm your own ideas and thoughts.

If you do decide to cover a hot topic, try to find a unique angle to write about it from instead of the same hum drum you are reading all over the web.

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Stumped for ideas on how to create your own unique content?

  • Tell a story
  • Create an infographic (with sound data)
  • Interview someone and write about it
  • Write about your opinion on a certain topic
  • Write about your experiences

4.) Stylize:

Write your content in your own voice!  Allow your personality to shine through in your content.

How do you go about finding your voice?

  • Look for a few writers whose content you really enjoy reading.
  • Examine a few of each writers articles and look for key elements such as:
    • How they open and close their content?
    • How do they outline their content?
    • What makes it unique?
  • Write content using some of the same elements your favorite writers use in their content.
  • Gradually tweak and incorporate more and more of your own voice into each piece of content.
  • Voila! You’ve found your voice!

5.) Edit:

Editing your content should be a priority as much as any other step in your writing process.  Editing requires more that just a quick skim of your content before publishing.  I suggest taking the equivalent amount of time editing and tweaking your content as you did in creating your content.

While editing, look for unique ways in which to describe or say something than is per usual.

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A few tips to consider while editing your content:

  • Keep your content short and to the point
  • Use short sentences, short paragraphs, and easy words
  • Be sure to use headlines and sub-headlines

Lastly, in the editing process take time to create a headline that will grab your audiences attention.  The first thing a reader is going to see is your headline. If it doesn’t spark their interest, they will move on.  A headline is not something you smack on a fine piece of work.  Take your time.  Generate a few headline ideas, tweak them, and run them by a few friends, colleagues, etc. for a second opinion.


Let me reiterate the 5 tips to creating better content for your site.
1.) Research your topics and make sure your content is backed up by reputable sources.
2.) Include answers to your audiences questions.
3.) Come up with your own unique ideas.
4.) Find and Use your own style throughout your content.
5.) And don’t forget to edit!
Share your experiences with creating better content for your site in the comment box below.

Sarai HansenAbout the Author:Sarai focuses on helping brands improve their website, content, logo and branding. Learn more about Fusion Agency – Salt Lake City, Utah here.

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