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How To Make A Perfect Logo For Your Company Free Of Cost?

Hello, blog readers, I am a businessman. I have recently opened translation business with a website and I needed to create a logo for my new company and website. First I thought that I will need to hire a marketing guru or just pay a high fee to some kind of designer. But google saved me from it, like it saved me dozens of times in my life.

First Step I Have Done:

I have simply typed a logo maker to google search engine and I found various of logo making free software’s which, required no fee‘s, no registrations or sign up and I could easily and without any problems upload my desired picture and text and edit it in ways I want to create company logo in desired resolution. However all of these sites are different, in terms of user compatibility. I found 4 of them which I want to review and post you. From best and worst in my opinion.

Top 4 Sites To Create A Logo:

Here we are sharing top 4 sites to create your free logo online with your ideas and using there tools. We are arranging the list as we recommend but you have to try all and choose your own desire.

Top 1: Online Logo Maker:

Probably the best online logo making site I could find after searching them all for few hours. I loved the interface and how simply I could do everything in this site. There were no registrations needed. I just entered pressed create your own logo and the editor window launch. Also one thing what surprised me that this site has tutorial of how to create your logo, it explains all of the site functions and logo creating possibilities. In this site are plenty of needed fonts, pictures. Also I could resize, format and shift my picture in all of the possible ways. I could as many pictures as I want, combine them, add text, create logo, and download it just in one click.

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Top 2: Free Logo Services:

This site is completely different from It has very straightforward functionality, no picture upload and customize here is possible. This site does your work for you. You just choose the category of your logo, for example: animals, automotive, education and etc. Write the desired text in your logo and site automatically provides you prepared logos, which colors you can later edit and download your logo. Although this site is good is you want your logo in one minute, it lacks the editing freedom and desired image upload capability. And also for trial version you need to register and you have limited use.

Top 3: Logo Garden:

This site is very similar to site nr: 2, but it has few differences. To create logo here you need to open the site, choose the image from the industries like: legal, beauty, internet and computing and etc. and select only desired black and white logo. Later on when you select logo you can change, add the text and move it where you want it to be: below logo, above logo, in front of logo and etc. Also you can edit your logo by rotating it, changing location and changing only one color (what is a bit disappointing). This site also has its main disadvantage, you cannot upload your own picture and can use only presets and edit them in the minimal way.

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Top 4: Logo Maker:

Site is very simple and straightforward as well. You choose on of categories you want and later on you simply choose your desired picture, edit it, write the texts you want and you have your text. However if you want to have your logo you have to register here for trial and free trial gives you only 6 free logos to download later you need to pay for it… Also I registering you have to accept that you will provide your email (yeah to get a lot of spam in future). It took me 5 minutes to scout this site and to understand that I will not be creating my logo here definitely.

Conclusion Of Logo Making Websites:

Pro-Translations I have seen many of them in google, but these are only few worth mentioning, and by reviewing all of them I would definitely choose first site where No registration, no fees, tutorial how to create logo. For those you want to get good quality of logos, for those how want to edit and create them themselves and do not want to register for future spams. I would recommend this site. If you do not believe me do Google research yourselves! P.S on the left side my logo which I created with top mentioned site. I spent $, 20 minutes. And done it myself!

Lukas VilkocinskasAbout the Author:My name is Lukas Vilkocinskas and I am 24 years old businessman from Vilnius, Lithuania, EU. I have recently opened translation business with a website

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