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Connecting With Your Customers: Growing Communication Avenues

If you’re not connecting with customers, you’re leaving money on the table. Every good business owner knows that communication is key for building a customer base, but some of the tried and true avenues of communication aren’t quite as useful as they’ve been in the past. If you want to connect with your customers, you’re going to need to check out the following communication avenues.

Peer To Peer Texting:

Everyone texts. Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication between individuals, with an increasing number of people choosing to text instead of call whenever possible. If you want to keep in contact with your customer base, consider investing in peer to peer texting so that you can deliver information about sales, changes in store hours, and new opportunities with your business. Simple, unobtrusive texts sent regularly are a great way to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Social Media Accounts:

While social media has been a hot avenue of communication for many businesses, it’s important to remember that your business needs to be engaging with its customers on the platforms they already use. Do some demographic research to figure out the social media apps that your customers are most likely to use and concentrate your efforts there. Doing so will allow you to leverage your marketing dollars in a way that increases your potential conversion rate.


Video Blogs:

Vlogs, or video blogs, are among the hottest ways for businesses to promote a brand image. These short videos can be posted on your business’s website or on social media to show off products, inform customers about deals, or even to help promote awareness of the business in general. While the quality and content of these videos certainly depend a great deal on the personalities of those in front of the camera, they can be a great way to deliver a message to a larger audience.

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Customer Chats:

Customer chats are also a good way to keep in touch with those customers who don’t like to talk on the phone. A simple addition to any website, these chats can allow your customers to ask questions about your business at any time of the day. Some of these chats can even be set to respond to some queries automatically, allowing you to get information out even after business hours.

Always remember to meet your customers where they are. Find the types of communication they use and then use those avenues yourself. If you can get your message out through the channels used by your customers, your customer base will become much more engaged.

Anita GinsburgAbout the Author:

Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University and now enjoys writing about health, business, and family. A mother of two wonderful children, she loves traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. She recommends utilizing a peer to peer texting service like Text Request to better communicate with your customers.

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