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Future Impact Of IoT In Mobile App Development

The adoption of IoT in common and industrial processes has incorporated rich useability. It has been playing a key role in automating and simplifying large-scale processes such as supply chain, freight and asset management, machine diagnostics, inventory management, industrial automation control, and real-time equipment monitoring.

IoT has brought different enterprise operations to a unified space. It has simplified task management utilizing the information system to eliminate conventional gaps in peer-to-peer communication.

With new business models and market transformations, IoT-led mobile applications have been in the hotspot of discussion. Technology leaders anticipate immense growth in this particular space of enterprise mobility in the upcoming years.

IoT-based mobile applications can play a crucial role in indulging in maximum utilization of market operations at dramatically decreased costs. Such an approach will provide increased productivity and profits to leverage the business advantages of IoT.

This blog will give you a clear understanding of IoT in the mobile app development industry in the future.

IoT Creating Major Impacts On App Development In Future:

As per Statista, the number of IoT devices may expand by 300% from 8.74 billion in 2020 to 25.4 billion in 2030. It signifies a sharp increase in the utilization of IoT-based solutions.

Every industry market may adopt these devices to automate their business operations executed in different forms. About 60% of these devices have been used in the consumer market in 2020 and may remain applied to the same part of the process for the next decade.

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It is probable that IoT may not only remain a technology used in enterprise applications but expand to a larger space including households. In such a case, it will again require mobile applications to implement its applications to common lives.

Since everyone is skeptical about the rise of IoT, let’s discuss some of the significant impacts. These impacts may play a crucial role in defining the future of IoT in mobile app development.

1.) Applications For Smart Homes :

As we step further into the world of smart technology, we may witness some of the transformative changes in the adoption of IoT to the life of a common man. These applications would require a peer-to-peer integration to the hardware installed in the households.

For allowing autonomous decisions for the devices, the applications shall need to follow the information architecture effectively.

Organizations are developing home appliances to interact with applications and execute tasks sustaining high-efficiency and security.

2.) The Predominance Of Edge Computing Over Cloud:

For a long time, IoT-based applications have utilized the cloud to store their data. However, organizations are now planning to adopt the approach of edge computing to store most of the data locally. This strategy will be followed in both consumer and enterprise applications.

The objective of such an approach is to increase data efficiency and become less reliant on the cloud. It will also reduce traffic on the cloud and make it more efficient and capable of being utilized for large-scale data operations.

It may be considered as a crucial step towards the realization of analyzing the limits of data storage and making decisions decisively.

3.) Empowering Healthcare With IoT:

Starting from wearables, sensors, medical equipment, to tracking data collected from different sources within the institution, IoT has already been adopted in some applications. However, it is evident that the number of applications and healthcare institutions adopting such technological changes is less and needs to go far ahead.

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In recent years, people have become more aware of technological transformation indulged in the core of many significant healthcare processes. It may bring plenty of opportunities for developing scalable and user-friendly healthcare applications utilizing IoT to provide extraordinary data-efficiency.

4.) Sustaining Security Alongside Usability:

As the adoption of IoT in mobile apps increases, sustaining security with rich-useability emerges as a challenge. IoT is all about the interaction of devices utilizing data through different mediums. What if any of these mediums lack security? It may put users’ data at risk. Also, implementing too many restrictions to sustain security may diminish useability at times.

Thus, personalizing the security needs of an IoT-based mobile application would be a significant task. Mobile app development companies may utilize machine-to-machine authentication to eliminate security-based discrepancies.

5.) Personalizing eCommerce Industry Operations:

Since it is one of the world’s most notable industries, it engages with an audience that has no lack of alternatives. You login to one website, it does not load timely and you explore a product on its competitors within seconds.

The duo of IoT and enterprise mobility is helping eCommerce companies to make the market more and more competitive every day. However, it comes as an advantage for users as it becomes more personalized with time. Such an approach has enriched the online shopping experience better than ever before.

For any mobile app development company, the adoption of new IoT-based processes in the eCommerce industry remains both a challenge and an opportunity.

6.) Rising Significance Of Predictive Analysis:

An autonomous car uses the data of maps installed in its system and follows a route accordingly. It also moves as per the set of instructions in it. There are a bulk of insights on the data collected through surveys or provided by real-time users.

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Predictive analysis has been a key fundamental in plenty of large-scale applications but can it be useful for households or any such small-scale applications? Where we do not have any cars or airplanes running, and just about dealing with your microwave, AC or reminding you that your kitchen may run out of stock soon.

There are companies using IoT to implement predictive analysis and take decisive actions on dealing with loopholes in their way to growth. It has helped them significantly to counter challenges that they would be facing for a long time.

7.) Put IoT At Work Through Software-As-A-Service:

SaaS has been the world’s most popular service delivery model in recent years. IoT has been a key technology helping organizations leveraging SaaS. Companies providing mobile app development services have utilized the duo of SaaS and IoT to the best of their terms.

The market of SaaS has grown significantly along with the adoption of IoT in most of the applications it offers. Mobile app development companies could never thankless both the methodologies to provide them with a transformative yet simplistic approach to create large-scale applications.


We may see a dramatic increase in the IoT app development market in the years to come. All the impacts discussed would show that the future of IoT relies upon the inclusion of the technology in more spaces. There is a high possibility that every industry or market in the future will somehow use an IoT application to function any of its tasks.

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Brian Comel has been working as a Sr. mobile app developer in a leading mobile app development company. Before, he worked as a Software Developer with several companies. He wrote many articles showcasing his knowledge & experience in the industry.

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