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Does The AI Have An Impact On Web Design? How?

We all browse through many websites and web pages in a day. But did you have any idea that an intelligent piece of code, running in the background is making your web browsing a lot more effective, efficient, and amazing in terms of user experience and automating development of a few components of web design based on users profile, requirement, and previous browsing history?

So, if someone says ‘Does artificial intelligence have an impact on web development?’, then the simple answer would be yes. AI is an area of computer science that emphasizes creating machines and programs that have decision-making capabilities just like a human being and there is barely any industry that is not being influenced by AI, including web development. AI has been continuously used in space exploration, automating manufacturing industries, automated transportation, taking over tasks that are too dangerous for human beings, etc. As of now, artificial intelligence has a major impact on the web development industry and it is actively contributing to the development of templates, back end management, improving the user experience at the front, top advertising brochure for companies, etc. So, if you are a web developer and interested in knowing how AI is changing the web development industry and what the future holds for you, then check out this info laden piece of write up that is to follow:

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

We know you heard of the work of artificial development more time than you hear your name being called. So you might be curious and wondering what exactly is artificial intelligence? Is it the same as they show in sci-fi movies? Well, we can assure you that AI is nothing like you might have imagined it to be. So, before we get started with the impacts of AI on web development, it’s important that you understand what artificial intelligence is and what are its limitations as of now.

So, unlike sci-fi movies where a group of scientists creates an AI machine that is not only omnipotent but also turns against humans itself. However, in reality, AI is nothing more than a simple machine that can make decisions based on the data it is received and learns from. Writing an AI program that can do a simple task of differentiating between images is a lot difficult and might not be possible for a single developer.

But the technology is moving forward at a faster pace than you can imagine. As of today AI programs that can recognize the voice, pictures, drive cars, etc are actively utilized on online websites, in smartphones, etc. Several tasks have been overtaken by AI, even in web development. For instance, there are thousands of websites online that offer individual penalization, or bots for interacting with users that visit certain websites.

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AI is involved in web development more than you can imagine. Here, take a look at these web development tasks that involve artificial intelligence.


Making Designing Easier And Faster:

Traditionally, there are several ways you can create your website like using simple HTML, CSS, and any non-sequel database in the backed or using a framework like Django that has the object-relational mapper that reduces your work of actually writing database commands again and again or any other framework.

But what if you have no idea whatsoever about programming, then what? Will you be able to create a website of your choice. Well if we were having this conversation a few years back then the straightforward answer would have been no. However, as of today, things are different, there are several online platforms and software that can help you create a website with simple and drag and drop based or more adequately a GUI based platform such as, Word Press, etc. These platforms make use of an intelligent machine that generates the backed of a website based on the website design that you provide it. For example, if you are developing front page of your website, then all you have to do is specify the type and design of your navbar, the options you want to include in your navbar, the type of content you want to display along with things like format of content, font, the color of different components, etc, in case you want to customize your website. The best part is that you do these tasks through a highly interactive and intuitive graphical user interface, which makes it a thousand times easier.

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So, How Is This Made Possible?

Well to explain in simple terms, what you are doing in the front end provides an AI with few chunks of code. Now, the AI takes these chunks of codes, assembles them, debug them, and eventually run them to create a full-featured website for you.

I hope by now you might have got an idea about how AI has its role in Web Design. Keep thinking and exploring about it (if that interests you to read more) and we would catch up with you soon.

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