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Top 7 Services For Creating Attractive Infographics Online

Recently, more and more often you can find the use of infographics on blogs and sites of completely different subjects. Experienced marketers and webmasters have long realized that images are much more convincing than words.

Infographics are the visualization of data, or the art of conveying the numbers of statistics, information, data, and knowledge in the language of graphics.

Three important impact factors of infographics:

  1. More than 45% of users click on a link if it leads to infographics
  2. 30% of users will share this infographic, even if it does not carry important information.

We bring to your attention 7 free tools designed to make the process of information visualization more simple and comfortable:

1.) DesignCap:

Designcap is an online service that will allow you to create infographics, banners, visual reports, etc. from over thousands of predesigned and customizable templates.

According to its creators, the program is intuitive, flexible, and easy to use. After selecting the predesigned template, the user can decide whether or not to modify it.

If you decide to customize it, the program has editing tools with which you can modify the elements of the template. By offering a variety of templates and graphic elements such as charts, maps, tables, icons, modules, and more, you will create your own engaging infographic in no snap.

Once the infographic is ready, with DesignCap, you can print at high resolution or share it on social networks.

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2.) Canva:

It is not the first time that Canva appears here! This site contains many tools for manipulating images. In addition to creating banners, posters, flyers, and other designs to share on social networks, Canva also has an option to create infographics. It is very worth knowing.

For making an infographic with Canva, there is no need to struggle with complicated design software. Simply select an infographic template, or create from scratch.

Canva has a huge range of professionally designed infographic templates for you to choose from. You can upload your own images or add graphic elements from over 2 million icons, illustrations, and stock photos.

Finally, download, share, or print your finished infographic without difficulty.

3.) Piktochart:

Piktochart provides a lot of free templates ready for you to assemble infographics. These templates are fully customizable.

You can add or remove items, change colors, and include your image files. The good thing about having these models ready is that you already find inspiration to make your creations.

There are other themes available in the tool, but to access them, you will need to subscribe to the PRO version of the tool.

 4.) is a very complete website that offers hundreds of professionally designed infographic templates, fully customizable. You can modify the infographics to meet your demand in a simple and easy way.

Easelly’s drag-and-drop editor lets you swap in new visuals and text, change colors and fonts to match your needs. Once you have created your infographic in hand, you can download your infographic in different formats, share it via social media, embed it on a web page, or even invite another team member to edit it in Easelly.

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5.) Visme:

Visme also has thousands of templates ready for you to use. The scheme is the same: just modify the items you want and set up the infographic according to your need.

The cool thing about this service is that it has a good amount of fonts and icon-style images that can make your infographic even nicer. Visme’s intuitive editor lets you drag and drop icons, photos, charts, graphs, and more.

6.) Infogram:

When it comes to the infographic, the Infogram does the job. The great advantage of this tool is that it accepts the upload of Excel files. That is: you can tabulate the data, send it to the website and it will generate a graph with the information automatically.

You can start with their collections of templates and wow your audience with interactive content in minutes.

7.) Venngage:

Venngage is a website full of options for you to let your imagination run wild and take a risk in the world of design, even without being a professional in the field.

You can get inspired and create an infographic quickly with one of the professionally designed infographic templates. And then visualize your data and information with charts and text. With it, you can create complete infographics, and the results look great.


Tips To Help You Create Infographics:

You already know the free tools. Now, we want to recommend a simple sequence of the organization for you to plan the production of your infographic:

Tip 1: Create A Sketch

The first step is to create an outline with the ideas and data you intend to use in the infographic. Separate this information and start to imagine how your infographic can look.

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Tip 2: Organize Your Sketch

Now that you have drawn, scratched and scribbled everything you were entitled to, clean up that sketch. The idea is to organize the ideas you had in the previous step. In this organization, already start thinking about the visual of the infographic.

In this step, to make it easier, it is worthwhile to access the infographic creation tools to try to find a ready-made template that meets your demand.

Tip 3: Start Your Creation

If you found a free infographic template that fits your creation, perfect! Just start manipulating the file and create the infographic.


With an infographic, you attract the attention of the visitors to your website. They are more likely to read your content and are more likely to remember what you are telling them.

As you will see, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time at all to create an engaging infographic. There are lots of programs and online tools available to easily create the most beautiful infographics. If you use one of these tools above, you can test exactly what works best for your content hub, and what makes your readers happy.

Have you ever posted an infographic on your content hub before? Do you have any tips for designing, or would you like to share your experiences?

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