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Tips And Ways To Enhance Or Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Tips And Way To Enhance Or Maximize Your Laptop's Battery Life

You carry your laptop with you while you travel, when in college, to work and even when you are going to the nearby coffee shop. It’s just too essential. But there is a problem-you can’t walk a mile without worrying that the battery would ditch you half way.

To solve your problem, we have for you some simple workable tips that can add life to the battery.

1.) Reduce Brightness:

The brighter the screen, the more battery it will consume. So keep the screen dim, whenever possible. In addition to this, if you are working in an environment where the lights are sufficient enough, turn your keyboard backlight off as well.

2.) Detach External Devices:

Remove all the external devices attached to the laptop. USB devices, WiFi and even mouse would draw power from the battery. If you still need to plug them in, remove it as soon as you are done with your work.

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3.) Disable Devices Not In Use:

If you do not intend to access internet, switch off the wireless card. This would help you save energy. In fact, disable all the devices that are not in use, like Bluetooth.

4.) Reduce Sound:

Lower the volume of your laptop or if your work does not require any sound, simply mute it.

5.) Lower Screen Resolution:

Lower the graphics settings in case your work does not involve high resolution requirements. This can be done by changing the screen resolution. As black pixels consume lesser energy than the ones showing colors, shifting to high contrast mode helps too.

6.) Prioritize Work:

Use the applications that consume lesser power from the battery. All you need to do is prioritize your work. Working on the Word would definitely draw lesser energy than playing games.

7.) Run A Security Check:

Certain malicious software (like a keyboard logger software for example) can run in the background and drain your battery without you ever realizing it. Run a thorough check to ensure there’s no such problem on your system.

Tips And Way To Enhance Or Maximize Your Laptop's Battery Life

8.) Avoid Overheating:

Overheating can kill the battery. The fans would have to work vigorously thus consuming power. Make sure that the laptop is placed in a cooler temperature.

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9.) Avoid Soft Places:

Avoid placing your laptop on soft surfaces like pillows etc. These materials heat up quickly and would cause the battery to heat up too.

10.) Hibernate:

Go for the ‘hibernate’option instead of putting your laptop on standby. This would not only save your state of work but also save your battery.

11.) Power Plan:

Make use of the Windows power management plan. You can either choose from the options provided or customize it as per your own requirement.

12.) Use Virtual Devices:

Playing CDs and DVDs would take away a lot of battery. Use virtual devices, instead, to improve battery life. If you intend to watch a movie, for instance, try settling for the ones already saved rather than playing it on a DVD or Blue Ray.

13.) Defragmenting Hard Drive:

In order to make your battery live long, you better defragment your hard drive. The more defragmented it is, the lesser your hard drive needs to work; consequently saving battery life.

14.) Avoid Multi Tasking:

Do one thing at a time. Working on Word and playing music in the background would drain your battery. Moreover, avoid opening multiple applications or windows at one time.

15.) Clean Contact Metal:

Battery’s efficiency can be visibly increased by cleaning the battery’s contact metal. Clean it every two months with a cloth damped in alcohol.

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16.) Keeping Battery Healthy:

Unplug the battery when charged. Drain out the battery once in a while. This would keep the battery healthy. Never let your battery remain unused for a lot of days. Not using the battery doesn’t mean it would remain charged.

These tips would help increase the battery life, at the same time, enhancing its efficiency and performance.


About the Author:
Jessica Carol researches laptops, tablets and smartphones for Mobisteath. She writes for many blogs and websites. Currently he wrote for us that you looked above.


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