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WordPress Trends For The Year 2020 You Should Grasp

The year 2020 is already here, and surprisingly nobody with its new trends since in the past years, there has been a trendy behavior when it comes to the improvement of the word press designs. The new tools and the improved ones alongside outstanding WordPress features that are the most significant update in the year. Apart from the several updated versions of word press plug-ins, there are other expanded features of the website. Optimization of any website performance on the website prepares the platform for the upcoming changes hence enhancing opportunities that are crucial in the market behavior. The  WordPress Developer are improving the structures and other visual design to make a more attractive word press websites.

Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence:

This is the most significant trend about concerning press in 2020, and you might have heard about it for its good reasons. The artificial intelligence is a significant technological game-changer that was identified a long time ago. Still, it has grown to a point where the business platforms are earning huge profits. As a result f the abilities it offers. Many companies have implemented AI into their workplaces through a number of them end up losing up in the process of implementation. It is thus essential to understand and plan on the proper implementation process. For instance:

  • The intuitive insights together with the website analytics that uncovers possibilities that may bring forth improvement.
  • Streamlining and automating the website process to enhance faster workflow with minimized operational costs.
  • Tracking the behaviors to enhance better target marketing and customer recommendations
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It is a guarantee that in 2020, more websites will expand their use through the use of A.I based features. That means remaining competitive within your means; your site requires the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Using Multipurpose Themes:

The graphics of a computer examines through the use of several features that it displays, with each representing the word press trend towards various themes. The themes of your word press website styles and influence your layout. This has always been used ever since the begging of this platform. However, the use of the multipurpose themes involves customizing and integrating the plug-ins, among other designing features.

The multipurpose themes can function across several independent websites, which makes them favorite for large companies that aim at enhancing the company development through managing many sites at a go. Also, there are different yet versatile multipurpose themes that have outstanding templates and other features. It is designed for various roles for the website. An organization can build a fully-functional site with an ecommerce storefront, portfolio of the business that are represented by different themes.

The Virtual And Augmented Reality:

Virtual reality (VR) has been rapidly growing in the past years, and currently, the word press has enabled its content on its website. Apart from outing up the images and the dimensional videos, word press sites have new media-based chances at their proposal. All this is done by the help of the incorporated VR technologies. For the sites that largely depend on the visual media to market their products and website, the VR is the best things that have happened to your platform.

The Voice Search Optimization:

Over the years, websites have been careful about how they cater to their content and the management through search engine optimization. The SEO ranks search engines like Google depending on the unique content used for a website. However, currently, many people are using the voice-assistant feature in performing their search online.

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In this year 2020, incorporation of the voice search optimization is the topmost trends in word press that many companies will use in capitalizing. It has already seen several organizations moving from the SEO towards voice search optimization. Besides, it is clear if a company avoids offering the voice searches for their products and services, they end up ignored by a large number of customers who would be willing to purchase from the company.


Integration Of Live Chat And Chatbots:

The chat windows are the tools that are used in allowing your company to offer instant support for its customers at any given time. Currently, you might have come across chats bots and live chats windows while browsing online; perhaps you have interacted with them. When integrated into a website, they help in answering the frequent questions, replying to requests, and understanding your customer behavior. Notably, they increase the user engagement in your site hence enhancing user-experience due to the understanding of your customers.

Return Of Minimalism:

The trend is in part because of the increase of the wearable technology that comes along with the smaller screens meaning your sites can be seen on different devices.  Having the fact that that in the past, you are using smaller tools than the usual one, the designer molds the site in a way that it can break them down to bare minimum fitting content. An excellent example of the new minimalism is navigation. It helps in leading people around your platform. Thus it requires to be accessible to perform a similar function it is meant to perform.

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Besides, the minimal web design means fewer texts and having several videos, large images, and brighter colors instead off having many breathing rooms. The word press design trend for 2020, minimalism has many benefits to the speed and the general performance of the website.  These advantages help in mobile optimization.

The Use Of 3D In Web Designing

The new technology allows users to do a more elaborate thing on the Internet. Both the processing power and the speed of the Internet have improved, which helps more prominent websites to thrive better. These trends have led to falling pricing of the features that are usually bought. As a result, it is more comfortable using animation and other design elements on your website by incorporating the site with the 3D design.


Trends come and go as long as you are in an ever-changing internet environment. Word press is not left out as it is a dynamic, ever-changing platform, but its potential needs constant improvement.  Remaining on top of the ecommerce business and platform trends is one way of succeeding in the competitive online market. Although it is not a simple task, when done in the right direction, the returns of the organization have the potential of scaling the business into greater heights.

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