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Top 6 Reasons People Unfriend People On Facebook

While Facebook has become a tool to connect friends and relatives with each other, some people would buy Facebook friend requests for one reason or another. They believe with more friends, they can increase interaction on their posts. Some have even reached the limit for the number of friends on Facebook. However, there are times when people decide to unfriend some people on their list of friends. While there are many reasons why people remove some friends from their list, the following are the top 5 reasons people unfriend people on Facebook.

1.) Bragging

One of the top reasons why people remove friends on Facebook is bragging. While it is fine to post one’s achievements for everyone to see, it’s another story when a virtual friend keeps on tooting his or her own horn every few minutes. It can get test anyone’s the patience and may eventually reach a point when a person would click the unfriend button. Similarly, when a Facebook friend would constantly post holiday pictures, envy might get the better of other people about the life of the Facebook friend. While they may choose to unfollow rather than unfriend, there may be instances when unfriending is a better way to avoid seeing their lavish lifestyle. For people who may want some validation, they may want to consider looking for a service allowing them to buy Facebook friend requests.

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2.) Don’t See Them In Real World For A Long Time

Another reason why people are unfriended on Facebook is that they may not have seen each other for a long time. There are many people who choose to unfriend someone they have not seen for at least a year. While this is a short period of time on Facebook, some people are quite active in cleaning up their list of friends. This may also happen when people buy Facebook friend requests. They may have their reasons for doing this, but there may come a point where they would rather unfriend that person after they have no other reason for keeping them on their list of friends.


3.) Inappropriate Updates

While Facebook allows people to post links on their wall, there are instances when these posts or updates may be rather inappropriate. This is a good reason why people unfriend other people on Facebook. Inappropriate photos or links may make one think if the person thought about the update before posting it on Facebook. With the availability of a lot of inappropriate content on the internet, people have become desensitized to these photos or links. However, it is still important for people to check their updates before posting them, or they might end up with someone missing from their list of Facebook friends.

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4.) Unimportant Or Boring Posts

There are instances when people find their newsfeed filled up posts that are not significant to them. These updates may be from someone whom the person barely knows. These may be friends from a service where people can buy Facebook friend requests. Instead of simply skipping these updates or posts, people may end up unfriending people posting these boring or unimportant updates.

5.) Using Bad Language

Another reason people unfriend other people on Facebook is excessive use of bad language. While it is challenging for some people to avoid using bad language, it is still very important to maintain a certain level of decency on social media. If this decency cannot be maintained, people normally hit the unfriend button on Facebook.

6.) Posting Polarizing Topics Regularly

Polarizing topics, like religion and politics, can drive people to unfriend other people on Facebook. While some people avoid attacking other people with different beliefs, it is a struggle for others. Due to this, they have the tendency to continue posting controversial topics on their wall. It may their way of attracting attention and increasing engagement without having to buy Facebook friends, but this does not sit well with a lot of people who would rather stay away from them. So, they end up unfriending these types of people.

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Facebook is a way for people to connect and communicate with family and friends they have not seen for a long time. While they may end up on each other’s list of Facebook friends, they have to avoid giving their friend a good reason to unfriend them.

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