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Top 5 Free Online Internet Speed Test Checker Tools

Internet service providers like to make a lot of claims about upload and download speeds when you sign up, but do you ever wonder how those numbers compare to the speeds you’re actually getting on a day-to-day basis? These are the best internet speed tests to help you determine your upload and download speeds, as well as identify other issues with your network, such as packet loss, latency issues, or physical connection problems.

To make your work easier, I’m sharing a list of websites (free) which will let you run a speed test and check internet speed. Out of all, I use most of the time. They also have an iPhone app which makes the testing internet speed on mobiles also easy.

Before you run this test, make sure you close all active windows and your system is not downloading anything including Windows speed. Else you might not get the right speed and this will create an issue for your customer service to diagnose the issue.


1.) SpeedOf.Me

SpeedOf.Me is an HTML5-based speed test that’s lightweight and designed to replicate real-world browsing and downloading conditions by requesting a series of files of increasing sizes and recording the speed at which they’re downloaded. Not only does the site display a graph of speeds achieved in real time, but it also allows you to track your results against previous tests.

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2.) SpeedTest.Net:

This is one website, which I mentioned at the top. is one of my favorite website here. I love the interface and in a digital map, you can select the closest server for running the test. It also checks for Powerboost, which is being used by many broadband companies to give a boost while downloading. Easy to remember domain name, and nice interface. They also have an iPhone app to check your iPhone internet speed, which you can download from here.

3.) is easy to use, provides lots of information on how it works, and uses HTML5, which means it runs well (and fast) on mobile and desktop devices. Multithreading is supported to test your internet connection speed against multiple servers at once for a single result, or you can choose just one server out of the handful that are available.


Bandwidthplace is based upon HTML5 and you can run it on your PC, tablet, and even a mobile phone. It shows good performance on Windows PC and Windows phones. You see! Lightweight enough to be launched on any kind of device. You can visit the site if you want a faster and accurate internet speed test for Windows. So, move on to evaluate it.

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If you are looking for a quick and easy internet speed test, can be your best bet. It’s a free online tool powered by that mainly checks your ongoing download and upload speed. Not just that, it also offers the latency and loaded latency numbers on its clean and simple interface free of ads.

Your Internet speed is most crucial to get the best performance out of your PC, and when that starts faltering it can be challenging to work. So, get one of these efficient and reliable internet speed tools today for uninterrupted internet usage.

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