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5 Ways To Boost Your Alexa Rankings

If you want the number of visitors heading towards your web page increase then you got to ensure that your page has good Alexa ranking. The Web sites that has high Alexa ranking are proven to have a higher number of repeat visitors. It is therefore much important that you leave no stone unturned to boost you’re the Alexa rankings of your website. Here are top five ways to accomplish the same.

Alexa Toolbar Needs To Be Installed:

The simplest and effective way of boosting the Alexa rankings for your website is to download and install the Alexa toolbar on your own computer system. You can set your website as the default homepage of the browser. You can try and replicate this activity on as many computers as you can access and can see the benefits in the longer run. You can get your friends to do the same thing as well. The more such toolbars you can manage to install the better are your chances of boosting the Alexa ranking of your website.

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Let Your Website Carry The Alexa Widget:

There are a couple of benefits of putting up the Alexa widget on your website. Firstly, it will show your ranking on the web page directly and if it is a good one, you will get enough promotion for your website immediately only. In addition to this, people who are not knowledgeable about Alexa would feel curious about it, and would end up clicking and install the toolbar on their systems. Thus, you will develop rank builders in each of your repeating visitors.


Make Your Content Unique:

Every search engine lives unique contents and websites that have unique content are more preferred on the SERPs or Search engine result pages. With unique content, your Google ranking would be high and your web page would find itself on the first page of the SERP. This way the traffic would be very high as compared to other websites. The better the flow of traffic, the better Alexa ranking will your site have.

Updated Content Invites More Traffic:

Would you love to visit websites whose content does not get updated very often? Certainly not! Similarly, if you are not in the practice of updating your content, your website would also lose out on attracting repeat traffic. As traffic inflow has a direct correlation with the Alexa rankings, it is of utmost importance that you keep on updating the content of your website so that the traffic flow is seamless, thereby your website would be ranked high on the Alexa rankings.

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Get SEO Experts Work On Your Website:

The key to boosting Alexa rankings lies in the number of visitors that you can manage to get for your website. Thus, you need to deploy SEO experts who would do the necessary tweaking on your website to make it appear on the front pages of the SERPs and that way your visitor count and Alexa ranking would see a definite northward movement. You can also aim at driving traffic from the various social media sites, which will also yield better Alexa rankings for your website.

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