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The Literature Review Example And Few Tips On Conducting It

So, let us learn what is a literature review? You can understand its main features from any typical literature review example, actually. First of all, it is a simple account of information posted by different researchers on a specific topic. Probably, your task will be to write some new and different assignment. But sometimes, and more often we must say, the task is to write it as a part of some introduction to any kind of essay. Research report and thesis are included to typical literature review example. To write some good literature review example, you should send a message to your reader about your knowledge and ideas.

Also, don’t forget to mention its strong and weak sides. Your literature review example should have some concept, a guiding concept, actually. Don’t consider your literature review example to be a simple list of descriptive form or just a summary.

You should improve and enlarge your knowledge about the subject you are going to write about. While writing a literature review, you should demonstrate your skills in different areas, like information seeking and critical appraisal. You should scan the literature efficiently and use all methods that are possible, like computer and manual. The second skill stands for your ability to analyze and identify all possible studies.

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While Writing A Literature Review, You Should Remember Main Points Of This Job:

  • You should organize and connect your review to your thesis directly.
  • You should do research on the question you are reviewing.
  • Your review should be a summary of synthesized results of known and unknown information.
  • Do the identification of controversial areas of the literature.
  • The questions you are researching should be formulated correctly.

Here Are Some Questions You May Use While Creating Future Literature Review Example:

  • Do the thesis, problem and research have any specification?
  • What would be the question that me review will help to answer?
  • You should know the type of literature you are reviewing. What is the type?
  • Learn about the scope of your literature review. What is the scope?
  • Did you have all information that is possible? Was your research really good enough?
  • Is your analysis really critical and helpful?
  • Did you use all quotes that are possible?
  • Is your review really useful and interesting for the reader?


Here Are Some Questions You May Use While Reviewing Your Literature:

  • Is there any problem or issue formulation in this book made by the author?
  • Did the author define clearly this problem?
  • How was it established?
  • Did the author approach the problem effectively?
  • What was the author orienting while researching the problem?
  • Tell about the theoretical framework that the author was using.
  • Tell about the theory and research perspectives and the connection between them.
  • Does this book proves and relates to the thesis that you are developing for your review?
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Few Interesting Notes:

If you want to understand what does the literature review is, you should deal with some discursive prose. Remember that the literature review is not a simple literature describing piece of paper. Don’t start every paragraph with the researcher name, it is a bad sign. You should use some sectioned form of writing, presenting every theme, idea, and trend. And again, remember, you are not just listing data and materials. Try to synthesize it using some concept made of your thesis.

It is ok to summarize some materials for annotated bibliography. You should do a brief summary for each item. But, don’t forget about your theme and the main concept. You should use a conclusion to state the scope and formulate the question.

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