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Google & Instagram: Digital Platforms That Actually Work For Property Agents

As the world of online marketing and social media constantly changes, it can be hard for property agents to keep up with what is actually worth their time and what is not. As seemingly relevant information quickly becomes outdated, some agents may find themselves wasting hours on dead end marketing tactics.

Two platforms that seem to be continuously productive for agents are Google and Instagram. What it is about these sites that continually improve results, and how can real estate agents use them most effectively?

Today’s article will teach you just that. Let’s get started.

All About Google For Property Agents:

Google is more than just a search engine. From bringing up the latest in web results on Google Search to optimizing Google Ad Words, there are hundreds of different ways that Google might influence your business as a property agent.

As an agent, however, it can be confusing to figure out what aspects of Google you need to take into consideration when you are focusing on your online platforms. Does Google Plus still matter? Can you really improve your search ranking? These are questions many agents have.

Generally speaking, there are three main ways that you should address the beast that is Google while working as a property agent.

1.) Improve Your SEO Ranking:

If someone hears your name through the grapevine, this potential client is likely to head over to Google and search your name. If nothing comes up but an outdated webpage and irrelevant links, you won’t be earning yourself any business.

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Work on improving the SEO ranking of the relevant pages you manage. Improving your profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus can help ensure that your name brings up relevant results.

2.) Take Out Google Ads:

Ads that run through the Google Ads program are some of the most far-reaching ads that you can find. Consider taking out relevant ads. These ads will show up on pages such as Youtube, Facebook, and even on Google itself!

You can target specific and local keywords that will help you generate more leads. More leads mean more business, and that’s a win for you!

Google Ads is also starting to do integrations with popular real estate websites, so you can streamline your advertising between all of these platforms more effectively.

3.) Go For Google Plus:

Google Plus is often talked about as a flop, but many people fail to recognize how important of a tool Google Plus can be for real estate agents.

Keep in mind when you move forward with your Google Plus profile that this social media site is largely used by men between 40 and 60 years old. Tailor your posts appropriately.

Posting regularly on Google Plus and connecting with clients and business connections not only brings more people to your profile, but it also improves your credibility and ranking with Google. Your name will show up earlier in search results for those that you have connections with, so putting time into your profile can pay off in the end.


All About Instagram For Property Agents:

While Google Plus might be the go-to site for men in the pre-retirement age range, Instagram is most popular with those (men and women alike) who are under 34 years old. While many young people in this age range may not be ready to buy a house just yet, there is a specific market here that you can work with.

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Instagram, however, may not seem like the place for a real estate agent at first glance. What do aesthetic pictures and short videos have to do with real estate? More than you might think at first!

Here are just a few ways that you can use Instagram to your advantage as a property agent. You’ll be surprised at the results!

1.) Use Video To Highlight Your Listings:

Try creating a short video which highlights your current listings. Show just a glimpse of what makes each home unique, and make sure to tag the post with relevant keywords. Those shopping for homes may find your listings and love them!

Even if the homes sell before they find them, they’ll be more likely to contact you – an agent who has an eye for such great properties – to continue their search!

2.) Show Your Successes:

Sellers and buyers who are looking for a great property agent may check out your social media profiles to get an idea of what you would be like to work with. For that reason, it’s important to show an approachable yet successful profile!

When you sell a house or put up a great listing, post about it! Showing that you can help people sell their homes or buy their forever home will make you both interesting and approachable. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone who can successfully manage their property?

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3.) Keep It Clean:

As mentioned, Instagram profiles are often catered to a certain style or aesthetic. It’s okay to curate the page in your personal style, but it’s important that you focus on things that buyers in your area like to see.

Do you list and sell a lot of modern homes? Post photos of expertly staged properties you are working with, or snap a quick pic at your next open house. Do you prefer to work with Victorians? Share some of your favorite architecture in addition to your own listings.

Clean, crisp images are important. Every image you post becomes a representation of your business, so you want to take some extra time to make sure that it looks great.

Your Social Profiles Matter:

Taking on every digital platform would take more hours than you have in a day. As a property agent, you simply don’t have that kind of time!

Instead of trying to do it all, focus on Instagram and Google. These platforms can bring real results to your business, and they’re not hard to use. By adding a little bit of time into your schedule each day to work on your profiles, you’ll be happy to find that your business can grow through this type of online interaction!

Sabine GhaliAbout the Author:

Sabine Ghali is Director at Buttonwood Property Management, a property management company in Toronto. She is an entrepreneur at heart who endeavors to help investors create real estate wealth over time in the Greater Toronto Area. Sabine is published in a number of media outlets, including Toronto Sun and Gulf News, among many others.

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