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Build A Talent Pool Using Profiles Management System

Every university is a big pool of talented researchers, professors and student that need to be identified and nurtured for the betterment of the university. University should maintain this talent pool in order to protect this resources from moving out and acquire new ones. Educational institutions like college should provide a platform to let faculty to let faculty easily describe all their achievements. To achieve this, Inknowledge Inc. developed an application to maintain all the faculties and students profiles.

Profiles Management System By Inknowledge Inc.

Mentis provides Profiles Management System for educational institutions like university and college which provide a platform to let faculty easily describe all their teaching, research and service activities. Furthermore, it made these activities available online, for other faculty, students, industry and community partners, to easily search and find.

With Profile Management System,


  1. You can create profiles for the research centre, equipment, laboratory, facility and technology, which complements with your people profiles to provide a complete and holistic view of the institution’s resources, expertise and capabilities.
  2. You can showcase your professional preparation, awards and honours, appointments, research, research interest, presentations, publications, creative activities, live performances, service activities and administrative appointments.
  3. You can search any profiles with real-time, full-text search with restful application programming interface (API) allowing for integration with any website or third-party application.
  4. Using the Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs you can make any other system read data in Profiles directly from the browser or any other remote application. Rest API provides a simple, platform-neutral, high performance, stateless network interface to the public profile data.
  5. You get administrative options and complete access to the entire source code and granular level control of the data which makes the system fully customizable and adaptable to your unique requirements.
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Note: The author of this article is working with Inknowledge Inc.

Swapni DarbeAbout the Author:

This article is written by Swapni Darbe. For more information, please visit our official website Inknowledge Inc. You can also contact us at my social media link.

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