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Comcast Connectivity – How Far It Goes?

Comcast Connectivity - How Far It Goes?

It’s all set and the entire internet providers are now preparing for another year of ultimate service to their customers as the year is about to end. Comcast is due to criticism as this year was all about negative and not very rewarding comments on the customers services they had in some areas. Although the internet connectivity can be commended, Comcast focus on the latest trends of internet technology has put them a little farther from its competitor AT&T.

However, data shows that in surveys conducted by the researchers, Comcast still topped the list in the number of their subscribers. Not to mention the ever increasing customers who want their services badly. What is the secret of this company? What would it take to have a good reputation despite of the hate from other subscribers to the inferior areas of their services?

To review Comcast’s connectivity status through these years, let us consider different angles for review. As a newbie internet subscriber, you will choose Comcast because:
          a.) The internet connection of Comcast is very secure.
          b.) The speed of the internet Comcast offers up to 105 mbps of speed.

These 2 reasons are enough for you to be influenced that Comcast is serious in their mission of providing an excellent service to their customer. However, on the other side of the spectrum, you might consider that Comcast has also negative areas to consider because:
         a.) They have poor customer service.
         b.) Some areas don’t have customer service station.
         c.) Their field technicians don’t have enough knowledge in trouble shooting.

If you consider these cons, you might probably say that these are just minor problems in considering Comcast as your internet provider.

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Yes, it is true that Comcast have these minor loop holes. Considering 17 million individuals in US chose Comcast to be their internet provider, there is no doubt that this company is doing their homework in addressing these issues.
The question is, where is Comcast heading? What is its future?

1.) Xcalibur platform:

Comcast is a promising company that continually innovates its services to meet the demand and expectations of the subscribers. Its plan is based in its basic vision of quality service. To be on the track, Comcast has figured out the capacity of their services to provide it users cloud services. The X1 which Comcast has been expanding since 2011 will provide its users cloud services that will enable them to download movies in a short period of time. These videos can be viewed in some of the portable and mobile devices. Comcast claims that with X1, movie download will not be longer than 5 minutes. This thundering speed is suitable for all movie lovers out there.

2.) Xfinity:

The birth of Xfinity will be the savior of the ever increasing number of movies, shows and documentaries that is believed to be kept in the library. With Xfinity, people now can watch almost every movie in the planet in just a click of the hand. Not to mention the existing movies, Comcast announced that the collection of these materials will be four times much from their previous number. Although Xfinity fas been in their front line since 2011, Comcast is still confident that they have still the upper hand in broadcasting industry despite of the decline in sales in 2011.

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3.) Docsis 3.0:

Comcast has learned its lesson. In this business and industry, you must be the key player in establishing on what is a standard or not. Comcast internet speed will be upgraded to a whip blowing 100 mbps in each household connection. That is a connection that movie download will be just like downloading a JPEG format picture. The speed came from the fast fiber optic technology of Comcast.

How far Comcast goes?
See to yourself. If these plans will not blow your mind, then try their services. Without any barricade, Comcast is determined to succeed in their vision in providing Americans the best internet connectivity whether in broadcasting or browsing. Comcast is still the best company to offer services like this. Try Comcast Xfinity plan and enjoy the difference it will bring to your home together with your family.

About the Author:
Jashon Wills is an IT expert whose credibility is respected in the online society especially in communities where internet and computer savvy geeks meet. He advised that its worth making a visit to Broadband Expert for the best options on Comcast internet.

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