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6 Topics Your Blog Should Cover For More Traffic

Attracting a broad audience to your blog is no easy task. And while I know a lot of us put our blood, sweat, and tears into every post, it can be frustrating to put that much work in, only to get a slightly higher return. However, that’s why taking on some topics to cover might be the perfect fit.

Yes, with the right promotion, knowledge, and consistency, reaching for new subjects to cover might be the boost your blog needs. That’s why I’m offering a few options to consider in reshaping your content. Check them out below:

Self Help:

Perhaps one of the most popular blog topics, self-help is one area you definitely should consider to improve your view count. Whether it be just posting a few things on how to have a better exercise regime or even advice on a drug rehab center, the opportunities here are endless. And if you’re looking to capitalize on self-help, the first thing you need to do is figure out where you can help at.

Make a list of the areas you accel at, no matter if it’s health, motivation, philosophy, etc. Try to come up with a few sample posts that you might start embedding into your blog/social feeds, and see which ones have the best hit. From there, continue striving towards what’s making you the most successful, working to implement at least a new post or two from this category a week.

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A topic that’s relatively underserved is offering educational resources. After all, this is a category that has numerous different applications, including anything from accounting homework help to tutorial videos of different skills you might have. All-in-all, pick and choose what subjects you might be able to lend some educational help with, as this is one strategy you don’t want to miss out on.

I’ll note that one thing to consider when looking to start covering a topic is creating actual solid learning objectives. This includes having a goal for each lesson, as well as supporting materials and exercises for others to follow along with. On your first few go-arounds at it, I’d highly recommend having a peer you respect review before you post online.


Noteworthy Profiles:

It’s no secret that people love inspiring success stories. And if there’s anyone in your network that you think should be showcased, then I highly suggest reaching out to feature them on your blog. The subject doesn’t even have to be of a significant stature, but rather just someone with an interesting story or passion.

Start small, with someone that’s either in your immediate circle or is attainable to reach out to. Make sure to tell them why you want to tell their story, as well as what excites you about it. Finally, it might not be a bad idea to try and attract people with a much larger influence than you, as their cross promotion will help your blog tremendously.

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As everyone loves food, this is perhaps one of the best ways to up your blog views in no time. Whether it be cooking at home and sharing recipes or going out to some of your favorite restaurants, including some food posts is a surefire way to have your articles pick up steam. However, with so many other bloggers out there competing with you, knowing how to have a good grasp on social promotion, as well as starting local, will be vital.

If you haven’t already, having social media channels for your blog (especially Instagram) will be beneficial when promoting your posts. If you’re aiming to cover more new restaurants or exciting food events, then starting with local places will be much more accessible. While you might have to pay for your food at first, the biggest key will be to utilize hashtags (both national and local) to start attracting a following, thus creating a position where you’re giving the restaurant notable exposure. Because as #foodporn has 143 million posts, try seeing what popular tags are in your area, as well if there’s one your blog could own that’s universally applied.

Product Reviews:

Finally, product reviews are one area where you can gain notoriety as a thought leader. While requiring a significant knowledge on whatever it is that you’re trying to review, this is one place people look towards regarding authority on the subject. Because as noted by Vendasta, approximately 92% of consumers read online reviews, making them one of the most prominent sources of information. Figure out where you can possibly fit some reviews into your blog, as reviews might be what generates you quite a bit of hits.

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What are some topics you’ve considered picking up? Comment with your insights below!

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